Materials Processing Technology, ICMPMT2011

Volume 337

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Ke Chen, Jian Ping Lin

Abstract: The finite element method is widely used to numerically simulate sheet forming processes. The increasing use of advanced high strength steel...

Authors: Shun Cai Li, Hua Meng

Abstract: Based on the geometrical description of work-pieces cutting process, the time-varying differential equations of deflection curve under two...

Authors: Bao Quan Jin, Yan Kun Wang, Fan Tian

Abstract: Electric-hydraulic servo system is a nonlinear and uncertain system with time-varying parameters and interference. The fuzzy PID control...

Authors: Li Gen Sun, Hui Rong Li, Jia Quan Zhang

Abstract: High casting speed has a great influence to thermal state and strain/stress field of the mould copper plate. The coupled...

Authors: Xia He, Chong Jun Huang, Qing You Liu, Yang Liu, Jia Yu Tian

Abstract: The force of pump casing for triplex plunger was very complex, as well as the loads varied with the angle of crankshaft rotation. Using VB...

Authors: Feng Ni, Shi Zhong Wei, Rui Long

Abstract: The technique of continuous casting with heated mould is a kind of near-net-shape processing technology, which combines unidirectional...

Authors: Lu Cai Wang, Yan Li Wang, Fang Wang, Xiao Hong You

Abstract: Two kinds of cell models, include of Octahedron cell model and Tetrakaidecahedron cell model, were analyzed for the open-cell Aluminium...

Authors: Xin Hua Huang, Hua Xiang, Xin Cun Zhuang, Zhen Zhao

Abstract: Nowadays, the compound fine-blanking forming process is one of the most important processes to produce complicate multifunctional parts...

Authors: Xiang Yu Lv, Sheng Li Li, Na Li, Yong Hong Cai

Abstract: The paper starts with a brief overview to the material used in auto panels , then leads to HRS Substituting CRS that SPHE hot-rolled steel...

Authors: Eui Pyo Hong, Hae Woon Kang, Chang Wook Kang, Jae Won Baik

Abstract: When the production run is short and process parameters change frequently, it is difficult to monitor the process using traditional control...


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