Materials Processing Technology, ICMPMT2011

Volume 337

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Rui Jie Gu, Gang Lei, Guo Dong Shao, Ming Jie Ren, Yun Hai Jing, Shao Fan Zhou

Abstract: The FE model of the frame of pipe end upsetting machine is built with FE simulation software ABAQUS in the study. With the FE model, the...

Authors: Mohammad Reisi, Davood Mostofi Nejad

Abstract: It is nowadays very clear that the single most important parameter influencing the performance of concrete is the packing density of the...

Authors: Yuan Yuan Zhou, Song Li

Abstract: Mesporous ZrO2 materials with the average diameter of about 20nm were synthesized by the method of chemical precipitation using...

Authors: Wen Long Liu, Da Ming Wu, Ying Liu, Xiu Ting Zheng

Abstract: In this paper,we analysed the problems that existed in the extrusion hot embossing process.To slove these problems,we designed a new...

Authors: Qing Hua Yuan, Kun Lei, Zong Ke Shao, Zhong Guo Huang, Yu Zhou

Abstract: High temperature tensile properties of Ti-4Al-6V material were obtained through high temperature tensile test, and processing maps of the...

Authors: Tsung Chia Chen, Jiun Ming Ye

Abstract: The squaring process to shape a circular tube into a symmetric square clad tube is examined by a three-dimensional incremental...

Authors: Bin Zhi Zhang, Zhong Yu Zhang

Abstract: Because of the sic material’s superior optical characteristic, machine characteristic and hot characteristic, it becomes currently the space...

Authors: Wichai Pumchan

Abstract: The main purpose of this paper to application of a friction stirs welding. In an aluminum alloy rolled sheet, grade 6063 and 7075 by...

Authors: Tsung Chia Chen

Abstract: This study aims to analyze the effects of angular U-bending process on the springback of metal sheets. Based on Updated Lagrangian...

Authors: Xuan Zhi Wang, S.H. Masood

Abstract: Advanced high strength steels (AHSS) are increasingly utilised in sheet metal stamping in the automotive manufacture. In comparison with...


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