Materials Processing Technology, ICMPMT2011

Volume 337

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Kuai Le Zhao, Yan Fu Yan, Yang Yang Sheng, Ning Du, Zhan Lei Liu

Abstract: Zn20Sn solder with the melting point of 383.9°C and a low cost is considered as an ideal high-temperature lead-free solder. In the paper a...

Authors: Zhen Wang, Yun Shan Wang, Jian Bo Lei

Abstract: Laser transmission welding of plastics is a joining technique which permits the welding of plastic parts with low process inherent thermal...

Authors: Jian Li, Jun Zhang, Xue Liang Deng

Abstract: Abstract. Base on establishing the model of channel part deep drawing , the eat / DYNAFORM finite element analysis software is used to...

Authors: Hai Long Yi, Yang Xu, Zhen Yu Liu, Guo Dong Wang, Di Wu

Abstract: In recent years, the ultra-fast cooling process is a new technology used to control the strip cooling process in the international which...

Authors: Cheng Min Zhou, Zhi Hui Wu, Dan Dan Ma

Abstract: With the development of wood processing technology, panel furniture is getting more and more popular, where solid wood is often used for the...

Authors: S. Izman, A Shayganpour, Mohd Hasbullah Idris

Abstract: Abstract. In the present research, an experimental investigation in lost foam casting of an aluminum-silicon cast alloy, LM6, was conducted....

Authors: S.B. Chen, Zhi You Zhong

Abstract: Organic semiconductor thin films of bis-(2-methyl-8-quinolinolato)-4-(phenyl-phenolato) -aluminium-(III) (BAlq),...

Authors: Hong Wang, Xiao Shuang Men, Yu Xian Zhang, Fang Yao, Li Fu Wang

Abstract: Mechanical analysis is carried out to the deformation of workpiece when turning slender shafts in the normal and reversed direction under...

Authors: Yi Xu, Shu Qin

Abstract: FGH95 superalloy cylindrical billet was prepared by spray forming, The yield is 73.6%, porosity is 0.6%, the oxygen content is only 20ppm....

Authors: Thiensak Chucheep, Rungsinee Canyook, Tanate Rattanochaikul, Somjai Janudom, Sirikul Wisutmethangoon, Jessada Wannasin

Abstract: A new approach to evaluate fluidity of semi-solid rheo-slurries was developed. The equipment was designed in order to reduce pouring error...


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