Configuration Optimization and Static Analysis of Adjusting Parallel Mechanism for the Sub-Reflector of Antenna


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For the real-time pose adjustment of the sub-reflector of antenna to ensure its best condition, Stewart platform-based mechanism is adopted. This paper presents the configuration optimization of the adjusting parallel mechanism taking the minimum force acted on each limb as the target, and the basic structural parameters of the mechanism are obtained. Considering the weight of the moving platform, the external load, and the influence of the snow and the wind, the maximum force acted on the limbs of the mechanism in the required workspace is calculated, which established the foundation for the structural design of the mechanism. The contents of this paper possess theoretical significance and engineering value for the development of the adjusting mechanism for the sub-reflector of antenna.



Edited by:

Xiaodong Zhang, Zhijiu Ai, Prasad Yarlagadda and Yun-Hae Kim






Y. L. Hou et al., "Configuration Optimization and Static Analysis of Adjusting Parallel Mechanism for the Sub-Reflector of Antenna", Advanced Materials Research, Vol. 338, pp. 425-430, 2011

Online since:

September 2011




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