Product Design and Manufacturing

Volume 338

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Bu Zheng Wen, Jian Min Li, Zhong Tao Pei, Sheng Yu, Cuan Yang Sun, Hai Xie

Abstract: Statistical analysis of load spectrum is an important part on structural fatigue life and reliability research, it is generally considered...

Authors: Jie Liang, Rong Jiang Tang, Yin Han Gao, Tong Hang Zhao, Wen Jun Jiang, Bing Wu Lu

Abstract: According to the source-path-receiver model of vehicle interior airborne noise, the correlative identification method of transfer function...

Authors: Ji Duo Jin, Xiao Dong Yang, Yu Fei Zhang

Abstract: The stability, natural characteristics and critical axial force of a supported beam are analyzed. The both ends of the beam are held by the...

Authors: Li Mei Wu, Tu Bang Yin, Fu Lian Su

Abstract: Based on 3d modeling software Pro/E, gear system solid model was built by using parametric modeling method. The virtual prototyping model of...

Authors: Hong Chang Ding, Lin Jing Xiao

Abstract: For high-speed permanent magnet (PM) electrical machine, the PM material has very small tensile stress, and it can’t withstand the huge...

Authors: Guo He Jiang, Gang Wu

Abstract: Based on the vertical maximum displacement response, the paper uses a new pseudo—parallel improved genetic algorithm (PPIGA) to optimize...

Authors: Hai Wei Lv, Ying Hui Li, Qi Kuan Liu, Liang Li

Abstract: Transverse vibration of an axially moving viscoelastic sandwich beam is investigated in this paper. Based on the Kelvin constitutive...

Authors: Lei Sun, Ming Hai Wang, Xiao Peng Li, Yue Sun

Abstract: A three-dimensional model of a machine tool frame was established. The modal analysis and harmonic response analysis were done by means of...

Authors: Ya Li Wang, Yu Jing, Qiang Zhen

Abstract: The morphology of SnO2 nanoarrays prepared on indium tin oxide (ITO) substrates by hydrothermal method can be controlled through...

Authors: Fu Qian, Zhen Feng Pan, Jia Mei Jin

Abstract: This paper presents an optimal design for an in-plane traveling wave rotary ultrasonic motor with a composite transducer. The structure of...


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