Product Design and Manufacturing

Volume 338

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Tie Jun Li, Xin Li, Li Qun Yan, Cheng Shi Zhu, Yong Ying Du

Abstract: The analysis of motion and mechanics property has been studied on the five hinged incline arranged and double elbowed force increasing...

Authors: Yi Ding, Ying Xiang, Shan Qi Zeng, Yan Bo Yang

Abstract: Aiming at the unreasonable phenomenon of the plywood box′ design in the current market, the mechanics research for the structure design of...

Authors: Shan Qi Zeng, Da Yong Cheng, Yi Ding

Abstract: Through studying carton stiffness, the hopper design of packaging machine is improved. By using the elastic-plastic theory and finite...

Authors: Geng Jia Wang, Xin Guang Lv, Shu Ting Kuang, Hui Long Chen, Jing Peng

Abstract: Abstract: Nowadays, there is no low-cost fruit nondestructive testing method in China. The study aims to put forward a method about...

Authors: Fu Zhen Pang, Ye Qing Jin, Xiong Liang Yao

Abstract: Based on the structural dynamics optimization theory, a vibration optimization design method of a ship foundation by APDL language is...

Authors: Qing Bin Liu, Jia Li, Jing Jing Wang, Shao Bo Dun, Zhi Hong Feng

Abstract: The nucleation mechanism during the epitaxial graphene films on Si-terminated SiC (0001) surfaces was investigated by atomic force...

Authors: Lin Jing Xiao, Hong Chang Ding

Abstract: This paper focuses on the stiffness and damping characteristic of hybrid magnetic bearing for high-speed electrical machine. Firstly, it...

Authors: Jin Feng Sun, Ye Hong Yin, Ying You

Abstract: Kinematics design is one difficulty point for complex planar gear trains. It will effectively promote innovating design and application of...

Authors: Hu Yu, Hong Hou, Liang Sun

Abstract: In this study we use the CAE technology to compute and reduce the radiated noise of range hood. First, a finite element model of a typical...

Authors: He Len Wu, Zhong Yi Cai, Ke Qin Xiao

Abstract: Shaft fatigue crack is one of the most common defects in rotating equipment, due to its extensive operation with continuous heavy loads....


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