Product Design and Manufacturing

Volume 338

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Jing Chen, Yong Shen Liu, Yan Yan Zhu

Abstract: We have observed a hump structure in reverse current-voltage curve of n+/p shallow diode for both area and perimeter structures fabricated...

Authors: Wen Zhen Yang, Hua Zhang, Shi Guang Yu, Wen Hua Chen

Abstract: Degrees of freedom (DOFs) and workspace are important factors to evaluate the flexibility of the dexterous hand. This paper develops an...

Authors: Yu Wen Liu, Huang Hsing Pan, Chao Shun Chang, Kun Sheng Pann

Abstract: Due to recycling of scrapped tire rubbers and coconut fibers, a new building material composited of rubber particles, coconut fibers and...

Authors: Gui Jie Zhang, Kang Li, Ying Zi Wang

Abstract: The heat transfer model was developed and the heat transfer of the strip coil stay in the hot coil box was analyzed. The temperature...

Authors: Gui Jie Zhang, Ying Zi Wang, Kang Li

Abstract: In the unsteady state, work roll temperature distribution and thermal expansion have an enormous effect on the process of hot rolling. The...

Authors: Jian Hui Liu, Si Wen Yuan, Jia Lin Chang

Abstract: Based on fuzzy mathematics theory, a multi-layer fuzzy comprehensive evaluation system for mechanism schemes of machining center was...

Authors: Guo Zhang Tang, Yun Gang Li, Ning He, Yu Zhu Zhang, Hai Li Yang

Abstract: Boronized layer was prepared on silicon steel substrate by pulse electrodeposition in KCl-NaCl-NaF-Na2B4O7 molten salts with different...

Authors: Chang Jian Pang, Jian Wen Chen, Xiao Ming Yang, Yu Long Zhao, Lei Li

Abstract: In order to study the influence of constricting nozzles with different sizes and different distances on the formation of wall-wetted oil...

Authors: Yu Lin Qiao, Shan Lin Yang, Yan Zang, Xin Yu Dong

Abstract: The effects of friction speed and ultrasonic vibration on friction reduction and anti-wear properties of GCr15/45# steel frictional pairs...

Authors: Zhen Hui Luan, Ming Ding, Xiang Fei Wu

Abstract: As friction pair, ZCuPb20Sn5 and No.45 steel are most in use in gear motor under oil lubrication. In order to investigate the tribological...


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