Product Design and Manufacturing

Volume 338

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Qi Jun Wang, Dong Liang Lv, Xiang Yu Fan, Jiang Yao, Gang Li, Xianng Yu Wen, Bo Pan

Abstract: It is well known that cam is one of essential parts in the industrial production line, and the design, processing, installment and...

Authors: Bing Chen, Ting Yang, Jun De Qi

Abstract: Facing to the dynamic process of machine running, grey theory is introduced to increase the accuracy of forecast on machine fault. Firstly...

Authors: Bing Yin Ma, Hai Lin Huang

Abstract: This paper deals with large deployable networks constructed by interconnected Bricard linkages. Three kinds of tilings, which correspond to...

Authors: Sheng Dong Gao, Yang Wang, Yan Wu, Wen Bin Li

Abstract: The generation of uniform droplets in the size of hundred microns was described in this paper. An experimental device capable of producing...

Authors: Ying Yu, Yan Fen Mao, Hans Wiedmann, Yu Wang

Abstract: In CDHAW of Tongji University an autonomous mobile robot system, is actually used for education of Bachelor students in the majors AES...

Authors: Shun Tian Yang, Wan You Zhang, Da Wei Cui

Abstract: Large weldments, large-sized forging balancing machines are not suitable for general, and the machine's bearing capacity, scope of work and...

Authors: Qing Hu, Yu Ping Qui, Lian Shi Lin

Abstract: Considering the discrete enterprise manufacturing process and the production management problems caused by information and management gaps...

Authors: Dan Zhou, Fu Hong Zeng

Abstract: The present application and existing problems of pump in chemical works are introduced, then, pump’s controlling principle, especially which...

Authors: Yu Chen Pan, Gan Wei Cai, Hong Zhou Wang, Jian Liang Wang

Abstract: This paper introduces a simulation study on the executive mechanism of a recent invented controllable mechanism type novel planar 3-DOF...

Authors: Shuang Hui Hao, Zi Li Tang, Ming Hui Hao

Abstract: This paper proposes a novel autonomous decentralized system (ADS) for controlling high power LPMSM. The system decentralizes a control...


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