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Authors: Tanasait Ngawhirunpat, Theerasak Rojanarata, Suwannee Panomsuk, Praneet Opanasopit
Abstract: The aim of this study was to prepare and characterize electrospun polyvinyl alcohol (PVA) nanofiber mats loaded with capsaicin (CC) as a transdermal drug delivery system. The amount of CC loaded in the base PVA solution (10 %w/v solution) was 0.025, 0.0375 and 0.05 %, based on the dry weight of PVA (% wt). The average diameters of these fibers ranged from 121 to 165 nm. In all concentrations of CC loaded in spun PVA fiber mats, an amorphous nanodispersion of CC with PVA was obtained. The tensile strength of the as-spun fiber mats was lower than that of the as-cast PVA films. The release rate of CC from CC-loaded as-spun PVA was significantly higher than from CC-loaded as-cast PVA films, and increased when the CC content in both CC-loaded as-spun PVA and CC-loaded as-cast PVA films increased. Our research suggests a potential use for CC-loaded electrospun PVA mats as a transdermal drug delivery system.
Authors: Gang Liu
Abstract: First of all, the theory, advantages and application of the Single Point Incremental Forming (SPIF) technology of sheet metal are introduced at the beginning of this paper; second, the traditional forming technologies of bus’s face and back in Chinese bus industry are compared; third, The advantages of the SPIF Technology of Sheet Metal in Bus Prototyping are analyzed; finally, the steps and methods of bus’s face design and prototyping with SPIF technology are elaborated through a real business case.
Authors: Li Fang Yang, Yan Ping Fu, Yue Zhao
Abstract: Though the cars make our life more convenient, they are pumping huge amounts of waste gases into the atmosphere. These gases are very harmful, they can cause disease and even death. Through investigation and research, the paper takes forth street cleaner as a solution to the air problem and in the meanwhile, city landscape is incorporated into the design of street cleaner. Considering its feasibility, the cleaner will be proposed to be fixed on pole of street lamp. Through the fixing method, the power supply of cleaner can either rely on the street lamp or wind energy and solar energy. The cleaner can both alleviate the city air pollution and be a city landscape and give a novel idea to control city air pollution.
Authors: Xiao Ting Liu, Hui Ping Shao, Dong Hua Yang, Zhi Meng Guo, Ye Ji
Abstract: Ti/Al(Ti-50at.%Al) composite powders were prepared by high-energy ball milling followed by reaction sintering heat treatment at 550°C ~ 650°C for 2 hours. Mechanical alloying of TiAl had been performed in a high energy plant ball after different milling times and pre-sintered at different temperatures. The particle sizes of Ti/Al powders were analyzed by scanning electron microscopy (SEM). X-ray diffraction (XRD) analysis was performed for microstructural characterization. The results show that microstructural and morphological changes of high energy milled powder are studied as a function of milling time. Over 600°C TiAl powders are completely alloyed by being sintered at different temperatures. The powders are mainly composed of γ-TiAl as well as a small amount of AlTi3. The TiAl alloy powders of high energy ball mill/2h and sintered at 650°C/2h get plasma spheroidization. Spheroidizing powders with fine texture, γ-TiAl and AlTi3 phase, particle size of 10~40μm are obtained.
Authors: Cui Ping Zhang, Li Ping Sun, Zhi Ying Yue
Abstract: According to the characteristics of operating procedures of gasoline engine idle speed; a fuzzy control method is developed to control idle speed of gasoline engine. A novel controller is designed. The controller, which combines fuzzy logic algorithm with traditional PID algorithm, improves steady and dynamic performances of idle speed control. The method has the advantage of not requiring a precise mathematical model of the controlled object. By using SIMULINK simulation software of MATLAB, the simulation results obtained with the PID fuzzy controller show that the PID fuzzy controller has better controlled performances and robustness. It provides some reference values for further practical application.
Authors: Yong Cheng Chen, Shuang Ji Hu, Fu Qing Zhang, Lei Liu, Xin Yan Qin
Abstract: The parameters of planting movement for the Dibble-type Transplanter was researched by this papper.Based on the trajectory of the Dibble-type Transplanter,the equation of planting movement was established.According to the classical theory “characteristic parameter λ>1 planting is necessary for the normal working conditions”,it confirmed technical requirements and stucture parameters for transplanter and founded the intrinsic link between them,then computing simulation was conducted to test and vertify the conclusion which would be used to provide theoretical basis for stucture designing of planting apparatus.
Authors: Guo Zhi Li, Wen Feng Li, Yi Ding
Abstract: Along with the low carbon environmental protection concepts’ widely spread, the market of derivative paper, such as corrugated props, is gradually causing the focus of the society. The method of system design and advanced tools mean that the use of paper props can be promoted. Combining the design experience of related fields, this paper focuses on standardized method in designing paper props and studying of parametric design based on the software of Box-Vellum.
Authors: Zhen Yin, Hua Li, Zi Yang Cao, Ou Xie, Yan Li
Abstract: A new ultrasonic elliptic vibrator design method was proposed, the ultrasonic elliptic vibration was achieved by the structural curve of the longitudinal and torsional vibrations. The model, harmonic and transient analyses of the new longitudinal-torsional composite ultrasonic elliptical vibrator were performed by using the software ANSYS, the prototype of the new vibrator was tested by using impedance analyzer and PSV-400 laser Doppler vibrometer, the correctness of the finite element simulation results and the feasibility of the new longitudinal-torsional composite ultrasonic elliptical vibrator design methods were verified.
Authors: Mei Ying Zhao, Jing Jing Li
Abstract: This article investigated a new metallic leading edge bird strike resistant structure, using corrugate board as its enhanced component to absorb more bird kinetic energy. This structure was called as Corrugate Board Leading Edge (CBLE) structure. To verify the structure’s bird strike resistant ability, numerical simulation based on the LS-DYNA was carried out, and succeeding experiments were performed. However, the experimental results were not exciting. They were not as the simulation results we expected. The reasons were analyzed through this article. Finally a rivet-relative model was created considering the influence of riveting. This model was proved to be accurate by comparing with experimental results. Based on the analysis above, an Optimized CBLE (O-CBLE) structure was used to optimize the bird strike resistant ability, the energy absorption rate of O-CBLE structure increased 11.4% while the structural quality was only slightly increased.
Authors: Mao Lu Wang, Lei Qin, Yang Wang, Ming Zhou
Abstract: The Processing advantages of UV laser were discussed in this paper. A series of experiments were carried out, some good results was achieved, which proved UV laser is fit for sapphire wafer processing. Then how processing parameters affects machining quality was discussed, which provides guidance to machining practice. The formation of grooves with good surface quality can be achieved by selecting appropriate laser parameters.

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