Product Design and Manufacturing

Volume 338

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Jin Hui Liu, Wen Juan Xie, Sheng Bing Xiao, Wei Ling Zhao, Jia Zhang

Abstract: Porous metals are applied in many more fields than other porous materials. Pores in porous metal parts manufactured by selective laser...

Authors: Zhi Cheng Huang

Abstract: Outlined the principles of high-pressure slip casting , this paper finished the modeling of the mold plates of a certain type of...

Authors: Guang Li, Wen Tie Niu, Da Wei Zhang, Wei Guo Gao

Abstract: The automatic generation of flow path is the key and most difficult task in Hydraulic Manifold Blocks (HMB) design. This paper divides the...

Authors: Wen Jiao Ding, Li Fang Yang, Yue Zhao

Abstract: KeyWords: parks; landscape research; design of seats; bionics design Abstract: Landscape is an important ingredient of city parks, so the...

Authors: Bin Ren, Guo Dong Yi

Abstract: Innovation design is a process that makes it easily to satisfy individual customer demands. This study is aimed to realize the innovation...

Authors: Yun Long Ai, Fei He, Bing Liang Liang, Wen He, Wei Hua Chen

Abstract: The influence of Nb2O5 on the phase and microstructure evaluation and mechanical properties of Nb2O5-Al2O3 ceramics sintered with 2.45 GHz...

Authors: Yu Shu Chen

Abstract: This paper is intended to explore a new method which the tradional lacuqer art is applied in contemporary furniture. The new furniture is...

Authors: Zhao Hui Deng, Lin Lin Wan, Xiao Hong Zhang, Sheng Chao Li

Abstract: The NC grinding of Si3N4 ceramics rotary curved surface workpieces was carried on the CNC jig grinders, combining the nomal tracing grinding...

Authors: Hong Wen Huang, Xiang Miao Mi, Da Zhi Qian, Xian Qi Xu, Zhi Hua Zhang

Abstract: Because the metallic hafnium has good combination properties, that makes it the preferred material for control rods of nuclear reactors. To...

Authors: Zhuang Wen Wu, Qi Feng Gao, Hai Lei Ren

Abstract: A vehicle Cruise Control System(CCS) was designed based on Finite State Machine(FSM) theory and variable universe fuzzy logical theory. The...


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