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Authors: Jiang Xin Zhu, Jian Xin Deng
Chapter 2: CAD/CAM/CAE
Abstract:This paper presents a rigid-plastic finite element method for orthogonal cutting process by adopting Lagrange method. The rigid-plastic FEM...
Authors: Prasad K.D.V. Yarlagadda, Andre Poh, Shu Hau Hsu
Chapter 2: CAD/CAM/CAE
Abstract:Microwave heating technology is a cost-effective alternative way for heating and curing of used in polymer processing of various alternate...
Authors: Rong Song, Jian Zhong Chu, Bai Zhong Wu
Chapter 2: CAD/CAM/CAE
Abstract:Against the currently existing design and development problem of complex mechanism such as long design cycle, high manufacturing costs and so...
Authors: Gang He, Zheng Yu Pan, Deng Lin Zhu
Chapter 2: CAD/CAM/CAE
Abstract:An optimization method based on genetic algorithm and energy method is presented to construct a fairing curve network from unconnected...
Authors: Xue Ping Wang, Zhen Wei Zhang, Hong Bo Zhang
Chapter 2: CAD/CAM/CAE
Abstract:This paper primarily focuses on the analysis on the heat exchange part’s temperature field of the jet plug-in hot blast furnace aiming at...
Authors: Ren Cai Zhao, Xu Ma, Long Qi, Rui Chuan Li
Chapter 2: CAD/CAM/CAE
Abstract:When tractor steers in the same rut, it can not only improve its flexibility in steering, but also reduce soil compaction and crop rolling....
Authors: Hong Lin Zhao, Rui Chen, Yu Mei Huang, Guang Peng Zhang, Bo Wang, Dong Hui Mu
Chapter 2: CAD/CAM/CAE
Abstract:It is commonly used method to analyze the overall thermal characteristics of mechanical structure without considering the thermal contact...
Authors: Zhou Li, Xu Jing Yang
Chapter 2: CAD/CAM/CAE
Abstract:In finite element analysis for vehicle body components, there are different meshes between sheet metal forming and crashworthiness analysis....
Authors: Xue Bin Zhang, Qiong Wan, Zhi Gang Li
Chapter 2: CAD/CAM/CAE
Abstract:A dynamic explicit finite element solver is developed for numerical simulation of metal ring rolling process, which is a complex process of...
Authors: Shao Bo Wen
Chapter 2: CAD/CAM/CAE
Abstract:A test bench of vehicle engine is designed and the three-dimensional solid model is established in UG software. Then the model is imported...
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