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Authors: Hong Wang
Chapter 2: CAD/CAM/CAE
Abstract:As an important part of combines, hydraulic system has become one of the main symbols of representative of the technology level. As acreage...
Authors: Zhi Wei Zhang, Yang Gui Xin, Wei Zhang, Jin Chun Song
Chapter 2: CAD/CAM/CAE
Abstract:This paper describes SolidWorks secondary development based on VB.NET and focuses on introducing design process of automatic checking of...
Authors: You E Cheng, Yue Jing Qian
Chapter 2: CAD/CAM/CAE
Abstract:A maximization of mutual information based image registration method is described. Firstly Due to the inferiority of image registration using...
Authors: Ai Min Ji, Kun Zhu, Ji Cheng Huang, Yi Pei Dong
Chapter 2: CAD/CAM/CAE
Abstract:The key technologies of CAD/CAM integration of mechanical parts which include parametric modeling technology, model transformation of CAD/CAE...
Authors: Chao Hua Peng, Fei Liu, Li Li
Chapter 2: CAD/CAM/CAE
Abstract:In view of the problem that it’s hard to determine the control points and morphing is not intuitionistic in traditional surface free-form...
Authors: Wen Guang Jiang, Li Juan Yan
Chapter 2: CAD/CAM/CAE
Abstract:The pure bending analysis of curved beams may be performed by finite element modelling of only a representative slice sector of the beam...
Authors: Xiao Song Zeng, Qiong Tan
Chapter 2: CAD/CAM/CAE
Abstract:Custom-oriented product design is the trend of cabinet electromechanical product. At present, the enterprise mainly used configuration design...
Authors: Xiao Yang Yu, Li Sun
Chapter 2: CAD/CAM/CAE
Abstract:In order to reduce the development cycle and improve the design quality of multi-port pump, the virtual prototyping of multi-port pump is...
Authors: Jin Li Xu, Bing Xia, Zhi Lei Chen
Chapter 2: CAD/CAM/CAE
Abstract:For gaining the best position ranges of shear sensor on webs, this paper make a finite-element analysis on force measurement rail's webs of...
Authors: Chang Hong Guo, Ping Xi, Zhen Yu Wang, Xing Dong Li
Chapter 2: CAD/CAM/CAE
Abstract:Along with the CAD technology being popularized, three-dimensional design of aircraft is ultimately realized into digital design. However,...
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