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Authors: Yung Yuan Hsu
Chapter 2: CAD/CAM/CAE
Abstract:The purpose of this study was to construct a knowledge-based CAD/KBE system for the optimal design of golf heads. The inability of...
Authors: Ai Hua Ren, Qing Shan Gong, Zhi Bin Chang, Fang Yan Zheng
Chapter 2: CAD/CAM/CAE
Abstract:Firstly the required dimensions and parameters of globidal cam during three dimensional modeling can be determined with Mathcad programming,...
Authors: Peng Gang Mu, Xiao Peng Wan, Mei Ying Zhao
Chapter 2: CAD/CAM/CAE
Abstract:Fatigue damage of composites can be described by the residual stiffness and residual strength, and the same damage state can be described by...
Authors: Tie Qiang Ma, Cheng Yin Xu
Chapter 2: CAD/CAM/CAE
Abstract:To solve the problem on the indeterminacy of customers’ demands, a new fuzzy configuration design based on decision table is presented....
Authors: Xing Hua Cheng, Tao Yang, Zhong Dong Chang
Chapter 2: CAD/CAM/CAE
Abstract:Considering xz plane heterogeneous mechanical properties and thermal-pressure loads, thermoelastic analysis is applied on orthotropic nose...
Authors: Gang Tong, Yu Zhu Li, Da Wei Wu, Xiao Guang Han
Chapter 2: CAD/CAM/CAE
Abstract:An error inspection method based on 3D laser scanning measurement is proposed for the purpose of achieving field rapid inspection of turbine...
Authors: Jing Jing Huang, Jian Xia Li
Chapter 2: CAD/CAM/CAE
Abstract:The rolling bearing is a kind of common standard parts. The developing method of CAD system of the rolling bearing based on Solid Edge which...
Authors: Kai Jiang Lu, Jun Ping Shi, Feng Tao Zhang
Chapter 2: CAD/CAM/CAE
Abstract:Abstract. The optimal control strategy is introduced to improve the motion accuracy of planar 3-DOF parallel mechanism. The optimal control...
Authors: Yan Hong Ding, Yang Yang, Yuan Hong Tang
Chapter 2: CAD/CAM/CAE
Abstract:Coral-like micro/nano-SiO2 with porous coral-like and coral-like reefs ( consisting of soft coral-like, hard coral-like and branch...
Authors: Xiao Ping Liao, Liu Lin Li, Yi Zhong Lin, Ting Ruan
Chapter 2: CAD/CAM/CAE
Abstract:Ontology stiffness of welding robot has an important effect on its positioning accuracy. Based on the parameterized model of the arm built...
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