Advanced Manufacturing Systems, ICMPMT 2011

Volume 339

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Chun Hua Xu, Kelvin Leung, Charles Surya

Abstract: ZnO nanowires were grown on Au-coated GaN layer on c-plane sapphire by chemical vapor deposition (CVD). As-prepared ZnO oxides were...

Authors: Zhan Li Jiao

Abstract: In the view of safety management and in accordance with the safety management system of “human – machine – environment - control”, the...

Authors: Xi Ji, Xue Wu Zhang, Jia Neng Tang

Abstract: Phase and frequency are two important parameters of the industrial-frequency AC signal in in the high-voltage electric power system....

Authors: Ying Yi Zhang, Yun Gang Li, Kuai Zhang, Ying Tian

Abstract: By summarizing the research and development status of electro-thermal materials, this thesis puts its focus on the types, preparation...

Authors: Qian Qian Lu, Wei Shao, Chun Lin Xia

Abstract: At present, virtual instrument technology has been widely used in all kinds of tests, measurements and automation fields. Test software is...

Authors: Hong Mei

Abstract: An automatic parking controller is proposed. Fuzzy control is taken to simulate the action of experienced driver as an alternative to...

Authors: Hong Hai Jiang, Guo Fu Yin

Abstract: In this paper, we propose a machine vision based approach for detecting and classifying irregular low-contrast surface defects of segment...

Authors: Jiang Hai Deng, Wen Jun Yan, Qiang Yang

Abstract: This paper presents a novel design solution of digital micro-ohmmeter based on the micro-resistance measurements. Through the system...

Authors: Kuan Yu, Bo Zhu

Abstract: For industrial producing of PAN based carbon fibres, the large-scale pre-oxidation furnace is the key equipment. In this paper, we proposed...


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