Advanced Manufacturing Systems, ICMPMT 2011

Volume 339

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Hao Xu, Da Zhen Tang

Abstract: Comprehensive application of fluid inclusions data from the Upper Triassic reservoir of Chuanxi foreland basin in China, integrated with...

Authors: Fu Ping Liu, Ming Chang Zhang, An Ling Wang, Xu Song Wang

Abstract: On the condition that integral surfaces lie in instrument surface, well wall and fracture surface, we have deducted the integral equation...

Authors: Su Min Guan, Zao Yuan Li, Peng Xie, Zhi Qiang Wu, Xiao Yang Guo

Abstract: The multi-cycle recovery of heavy crude oil thermal by steam injection and stimulation has serious effects on the integrity of cementing...

Authors: Jian Jun Wang, Kai Lin, Gang Wang, Peng Chen

Abstract: Combined with the accident of tubing fracture in flowing well of western China oilfields, this paper analysed well condition, investigated...

Authors: De Yin Wu, Zhong Liu, Heng Li, Xin Qian Xiao, Jing Jing Li

Abstract: As an important tool in well cementing, liner hanger has always received much attention. The article will review the development history of...

Authors: Fu Lun Zhang, Song Sheng Deng, Pan Feng Zhang

Abstract: This paper presents a numerical study of the oil-water two phase flow in hydrocyclone. Oil-water two phase separation was simulated by using...

Authors: Jiang Hong Pei

Abstract: Depending on different structure characteristic of nozzle (self-excited oscillation chamber and special boundary condition), the...

Authors: Li Ping Sun, Gang Ma, Chun Yong Nie, Zi Han Wang

Abstract: Dropped objects accidents frequently happen during offshore structures operating. In this paper models of dropped objects on the platform...

Authors: Xiu Liu, Guang Qing Zhang, Qun Li Wang, Zheng Wang

Abstract: In order to investigate stress distribution of side plates on the logging truck’s cable reel, and find the cause of side plates cracking, an...

Authors: Ze Fu Bao, Hai Feng Dai, Peng Zang, Jiang Ping Wang

Abstract: The system about the eddy current brake in drilling rig is very important and friable component. The temperature will arise with the winch...


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