Advanced Manufacturing Systems, ICMPMT 2011

Volume 339

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Gong Xiang Zhong, Ting Sheng Zhao, Thi Zhong Lv, Cai Zhen Peng

Abstract: Snubbing service is a method of using characterized operation equipment moving the pipe string into or out of the well under pressure to...

Authors: Xing Zhu Liang, Jing Zhao Li, Yu E Lin

Abstract: Several orthogonal feature extraction algorithms based on local preserving projection have recently been proposed. However, these methods...

Authors: Sheng Lu, Yan Chen, Zhi Ping Weng, Jing Chen

Abstract: Plasma spraying process was carried out to prepare NiCoCrAlY bonding coating and Al2O3-13%TiO2 ceramic...

Authors: Zhi Yong Pan, Sheng Yin Song, Wen Hong Liu, Yao Rong Feng, Xin Hu Wang

Abstract: The expansion evaluation device for solid expandable tubular (SET) was researched and designed considering some questions of too little...

Authors: Xiao Dong Zhang, Ru Yi Gou, Hong Jun Liang, Yan Gong, Ping Xiao

Abstract: Drilling technology of ultra-deep well is still the focal point of drilling research, there are many difficulties in ultra-deep well...


Abstract: The article contained TDW registered trademarks without the approval of TD Williamson, Inc. It was therefore, removed.

Authors: Chuan Wei Zhao, Zeng Liang Li

Abstract: Down-hole oil-water separation and reinjection in the same well system can reduce the cost of lifting the water and the ground pollution due...

Authors: Han Yong Li, Yun Zhang, Huan Wang

Abstract: With self-developed solubility determining unit, gas volume solubility of Daqing waxy crude oil saturated with nitrogen and natural gas was...

Authors: Ying Shi Sun, Wen Sheng Hao, Zi Qin Ma, Xu Zhang, Guang Wei Qi, Peng Lu

Abstract: The thesis researches relevant theory about process design of pressure vessel, analyzing and standardizing process documents of pressure...

Authors: Shu Qian Xu, Ruo Ming Chen, Cai Yun Ai, Zhao Hui Song, Jun Ma, Zong Jie Mu, Xiu Jie Xu, Guo Qiang Hu

Abstract: During drilling, how to achieve the aim of deviation control and fast drilling effectively is a common technique issue. Though there are...


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