Advanced Manufacturing Systems, ICMPMT 2011

Volume 339

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Tao Zhang

Abstract: In view of the nonlinear characteristic of the pendulum system, the paper applies the LQR algorithm to control the cart position and the...

Authors: Man Guo Huang, Byran S. Elkins, Jay I. Frankel

Abstract: This paper presents a novel sensor that delivers, in combination with a thermocouple calibration curve, higher-time derivatives of...

Authors: Jian Liu, Wen Sheng Xiao, Feng De Wang

Abstract: According to the present situation of the torque measurement for large motor in active oilfield (the rotation speed of the electrical motor...

Authors: Jia Bing He, Zhen Yu Yang, Wu Ji Jiang

Abstract: Thickness dynamic detection of the various types of thin sheets is a very important technology in industrial production and product testing....

Authors: Zhi Jun Chen, Xin Liu, Xue Qin Yan, Ru Zhang

Abstract: An intelligent detection system of machineroomless elevator is designed in this paper as well as the diagrams of system’s network structure...

Authors: Li Mao, Huai Jin Gong, Xing Yang Liu

Abstract: The conventional k-means algorithms are sensitive to the initial cluster centers, and tend to be trapped by local optima. To resolve these...

Authors: Lan Xue, Shuai Yang

Abstract: LonWorks technology is a complete development platform used in monitoring network system. In order to improve the real-time of LonWorks...

Authors: Fen Ju An, Yu Jun Feng, Zhong Ming Tan, Wen Qing Shi, Zheng Ye Xiong, Yong Qiang Li, Cun You Huang, Wen Hua Wang

Abstract: In order to measure the knife blade angle, which has a great impact on sharpness and sharpness retentivity of knives and scissors, an angle...

Authors: Yao Jung Shiao, Cheng Yang Chang

Abstract: The paper shows the design of an innovative magneto-rheological fluid brake (MRF brake). The integral brake torque from a conventional MRF...

Authors: Hai Zhou Chen, Yu Ling Wang, Jin Gui Liu, Gui Ling Wang, Rong Quan Ma, Wei Xu

Abstract: The use of hollow structural steel (HSS) columns filled with concrete has become widespread in the past few decades. The residual strength...


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