Advanced Manufacturing Systems, ICMPMT 2011

Volume 339

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Zheng Yuan Zhang, Yong Mei, Zhi Cheng Feng, Xiao Gang Li, Jian Gen Li, Guo Xiang Hu

Abstract: Aiming at the severe effect of poly-silicon deposition process on the performance of semiconductor bridge, experiments were made on...

Authors: Xiao Hui Jiang, Li Mei Zhou, Shan Zhuo Yao, Ming Duan, Xing Qi Hu

Abstract: 1,6-bis(α-alkyl pyridinium ) hexane dibromide was synthesized and confirmed by 1H NMR, 13C NMR, FT-IR and MS. The inhibitive effect of the...

Authors: Chao Yang Li, Bing Kui Chen

Abstract: Abstract This paper proposes a new type of internal meshing cycloid rotor pump-Double enveloping cycloid pump. It is characterized by double...

Authors: Xi Wu, Zhang Yong Wu, Xian Wang, Jing Tao Wang, Cheng Zhuo Wen, Qing Hui Wang

Abstract: Combining with the rheological characteristics of MRF and the traditional structure of pilot operated relief valve, the key technical...

Authors: Huan Chao Chiu, Jerry M Chen

Abstract: This paper presents numerical simulations of mixing phenomena in a double T-shaped micromixer to which periodic pressure disturbances are...

Authors: Bin Li, Xia Wang

Abstract: Abstract: With the development of drilling technology and demand, the working environment of oil bit with bearing a greater load has become...

Authors: Yang Min Zhou, Chao Li, Li Li Xu, Si Yi Luo, Chui Jie Yi

Abstract: A kind of automatic backwash fiber bundle filter which is used for filtering the washing BFS water is designed and its properties have been...

Authors: Guo Rong Wu

Abstract: Mold powder entrapment is one of the affecting factors on faint-sliver defect in IF cold-rolled steel sheet in casting process. Based on the...

Authors: Zhen Hui Luan, Ming Ding

Abstract: On the basis of research on the theory of non-circular gear transmission and the working principle of gear pump, this paper puts forward the...

Authors: Qing Shan Xiong, Fan Jiu Kong, Jia Li, Shuang Liang Liu, Yong Sheng Ye

Abstract: Automatic switch jet element had many advantages and could be applied to lots of fields. Therefore, it was necessary to develop it. In order...


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