Advanced Manufacturing Systems, ICMPMT 2011

Volume 339

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Xin Li, Shen Huai Wang

Abstract: This paper presents a novel precision three-dimensional platform based on vertical scanning that has practical application in surface...

Authors: Xiao Bin Huang, Yu Gang Ye, Xing Quan Shen, Xing Chang

Abstract: The cutting tests were carried out on HT200, HT250 and HT300 cast iron. The effects of the strength, hardness, microstructure, chemical...

Authors: Ai Ying Li, Jie Yun Chang, Xiao Bing Zuo, Rong Xin Yuan

Abstract: Blends of polycarbonate (PC) and highly branched polystyrene (HBPS) were prepared by melt blending. The steady rheological behavior of them...

Authors: Sha Sha Dou

Abstract: Based on FLOW3D software to study on the air entrapment of melt flow inside the Show Sleeve in Die-Casting processes, the effect of...

Authors: Bin Bin Sun, Zhi Wei Jia, Hong Mei Zhang

Abstract: The experiments were carried out on the φ450 hot rolling mill at the State Key laboratory of Rolling and Automatic of Northeastern...

Authors: Bao Qiang Wang, Liang Liang Yang

Abstract: Ultrasonic effect is widely applied in biomaterial treatment and this process will happen in ultrasonic reaction kettle of which physical...

Authors: Yu Jing Jia, Guang Zhen Cheng, Ying Jun Dai

Abstract: This essay will introduce a impellent tramcar machine, used for mining enterprises’ vertical shaft hoisting transportation system, which is...

Authors: Jun Xi Xie, Qi Zhi Teng, Yu Chen Liu

Abstract: Pore-network is a useful tool in the study of porous media. It makes it possible to exam the structure of a porous media and to carry out...

Authors: Jun Qing Tan

Abstract: As the largest ore slurry pipeline system,and the third iron concentrate slurry pipeline interiorly, include the longest water pipeline with...

Authors: Chao He, Lie Xiang Han, Xiao Bin Chen, Li Chen

Abstract: Within the vertical section, ROP of the conventional air hammer in gas drilling is several times or even several dozen times than that of...


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