Advanced Manufacturing Systems, ICMPMT 2011

Volume 339

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: M. Azharul Karim, Mubarak Aljuhani, Ray Duplock, Prasad Yarlagadda

Abstract: Abstract: In this paper, the level of lean manufacturing implementation by Saudi manufacturing companies is investigated, the extent of...

Authors: Hong Chao Luo, Shi Pu Chen, Qin Nie, En Sheng Xu, Li Ping Ju

Abstract: In the present work, basing on the rheological model of Chen and Fan (CF) [1] of semisolid metal slurries (SSMS), the rheological behavior...

Authors: Huan Yang, Shi Qiu, Yu Feng Lu, Xiao Li Yin, Zhen Xing Liu

Abstract: The properties of Ni-B composite coating and corrosion resistance on the surface of 45 steel were investigated in this paper. An optimal...

Authors: Jun Jie Chen, Qian Wang, Jian Feng Pan, Zhi Xia He

Abstract: Catalytic combustion of hydrogen/air mixture inside micro-tube was numerically investigated with detailed gas phase and surface catalytic...

Authors: Da Wei Xun, Chang Jie Luo, Kai He, Ru Xu Du

Abstract: This paper presents a 7-DOF (Degree Of Freedom) fiber placement machine. The fiber placement machine is designed through modular method and...

Authors: Jun Jie Tong, Ji Wen Cen, Jin Liang Xu

Abstract: The FLUENT6.1 software is applied to simulate the supersonic flow in micro convergent-divergent nozzle which is fabricated from flat silicon...

Authors: Ming Kwei Lee, Nai Roug Cheng, Cho Han Fan, Chih Feng Yen

Abstract: ZnO nanotips were synthesized on a sputtered ZnO buffer layer/ITO/glass by aqueous solution deposition with precursors of zinc nitrate and...

Authors: Zhi Fen Wang, Li Xin Wu, Yi Qiang Sun, Rong Dong Han, Zhong Hai Yao

Abstract: The accelerated wet-dry cyclic corrosion tests at different chloride content have been carried out on 09CuPCrNi. The morphology and...

Authors: Yong Feng Wang, Rui Li

Abstract: AlTiC master alloys have been prepared by Contact Reaction Method(CRM).X-ray diffraction,SEM and EDS were used to analyse the AlTiC master...

Authors: Pin Yang Rao

Abstract: The torsion bar is one of the major parts of converter tilting mechanism and is widely used for light weight, large energy stored in unit...


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