Advanced Manufacturing Systems, ICMPMT 2011

Volume 339

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Guo Li Liu, Jun Zhao, Wei Wang

Abstract: This paper deals with the product blending problem originating from the production system of a large typical oil refinery. A deterministic...

Authors: Qi Shan Zang, Ge Yao, Hui He Su

Abstract: The material composition and properties of a broken bolt were examined,and failure analysis was also made for the bolt after careful...

Authors: Jian Hui Qiu, Kengo Uchiya, Lei Lin, Xue Li Wu, Yang Zhao

Abstract: In the present work, carbon nanofibers (CNF) were dispersed into polycarbonate (PP) with an injection molding machine. The effect of the...

Authors: Narissara Mahathaninwong, Sirikul Wisutmethangoon, Thawatchai Plookphol, Jessada Wannasin

Abstract: Influence of temperature and time of solution heat treatment on the microstructures of rheo-casting 7075 aluminium alloy produced by a novel...

Authors: Yang Yu, Chao Wang, Shu Jun Chen, Zhen Yang Lu

Abstract: The joints of RSW for HSHSS were prepared with IF spot weld equipment. The weld nugget, fracture mode, microstructure and micro-hardness of...

Authors: Cheng Bing Li, Jin Xiong, Ming Yong Ma

Abstract: During the perforating and testing combination, the tubing, packer and casing are strongly impacted by shock-wave generated from oil...

Authors: Jia Wang Xu, Yun Long Zhu

Abstract: The logistics and location decisions for a closed-loop logistic system with multiple suppliers, manufactories, distribution centers and...

Authors: Ying Wang, Tong Yao Zhang, Li Hui Wang

Abstract: How to implement ERP successfully has been attached much attention from the academics and practitioners. This paper analyzes the factors...

Authors: Li Mei Sun, Fang Jun Luan, Tian Bo Liu

Abstract: Nowadays, there are lots of internet-based service platforms about construction products. The building products’ types are too many to...

Authors: Xiao Ming Yang, Jian Wen Chen, Lei Li, Jin Jin Liu, Yu Long Zhao

Abstract: Based on the theory of Fluid Dynamics CFD and Fluid analysis software Fluent,we accomplished the flow field simulation of internal speed and...


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