Advanced Manufacturing Systems, ICMPMT 2011

Volume 339

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Da Yu Li, Jun Yang, Ming Li, Xin Zhang

Abstract: As the development of modern manufacturing industry, the products’ defects become fewer and fewer, especially in high reliability field,...

Authors: Zhi Wei Xing, Jun Hui Li, Peng Cheng Zhang

Abstract: This paper analyzed airlines’ game in the process of apply for deicing resources based on Game Theory. In this game, if a airline company...

Authors: Xi Hong Li, Yu Wang, Xiao Feng Ju, Dan Wang, Ya Ge Xing, Xia Liu

Abstract: This paper investigated the effects of acetic acid and CO2 fumigation technology on the variations of crude protein, allicin and...

Authors: Chen Xi Zhao, Qun Zhang, Jin Wu Xu, Min Li, Jian Hong Yang

Abstract: In COREX processes, the cold gas is produced in melter gasifier, after being cooled and dust controlled, blown into the blast furnace and...

Authors: Mei Du, Lei Zhao, Li Bin Lv, Zhao Yu Wang, Yong Xun

Abstract: The choose of fabric woven structure, tensile property of fabric before and after dipping and the adhesion between fabric and concrete sheet...

Authors: Guo Li Liu, Jun Zhao, Wei Wang

Abstract: In this paper, we investigate the crude oil selection problem derived from the production of a large typical oil refinery. A deterministic...

Authors: Wen Juan Zheng, Hai Tao Zheng, Yan Ling Li, Xing Sheng Wang, Shin Ichiro Suye

Abstract: An electrochemical phosphate sensor based on the precipitation of molybdophosphate on electrode surface was developed for the determination...

Authors: Shu Jun Chen, Chang Hui Liu, Yang Yu, Shao Jun Bai

Abstract: This study proposed preset pulsed magnetic field acting on process of the short circuiting transfer. It is a controlled horizontal magnetic...

Authors: Qiu Yi Chu, Guo Ying Meng, Xun Fan

Abstract: Deviated belt will cause great harm, which will not only reduce its service life, but also will lead to the machine damage and personal...

Authors: Hui Qun Yan, Qing Yuan Wang, Ning Yan

Abstract: In consistent with sustaining development, circularly utilizing the scrap concrete was an important measure for country and human beings....


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