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Authors: Ban Xiang Duan, Wen Ying Zeng, Xiao Ping Zhu
Abstract: In this paper, the authors first set up new preconditioned Gauss-Seidel iterative method for solving the linear complementarity problem, whose preconditioned matrix is introduced. Then certain elementary operations row are performed on system matrix before applying the Gauss-Seidel iterative method. Moreover the sufficient conditions for guaranteeing the convergence of the new preconditioned Gauss-Seidel iterative method are presented. Lastly we report some computational results with the proposed method.
Authors: Qiang Bin Yue, Xiang Zhao
Abstract: For the aim of adapting to the requirement of information warfare, increasing the integrative support capability and improving agility and reliability of the equipment maintenance, this paper puts forward an equipment maintenance personnel recombination model. Firstly, the paper found out the requirements to the maintenance personnel in future battle. Secondly, it analyses the problems chiefly exist in our army maintenance support personnel. Thirdly, according to the mission needs, an equipment maintenance personnel recombination model based on capability and mission is built up. The maintenance personnel are recombined to the army-civilian equipment maintenance system. It can reduce the steps of the information flow and the possibility of information distortion, optimize the resource deployment and improve the agility, harmonious developing. It can increase the integration support capability of equipment maintenance support force and unitary high efficiency. Finally, a series of suggestions about recombination personnel training are provided.
Authors: Guo Huan Lou, Xiu Jun Shang, Shu Jie Li
Abstract: According to the demand of gas schedule management in the steel plant, Kirchhoff law in the power grid is used to build virtual network model for gas pipe network. Applying Newton-lafusen method, by solving nonlinear equations, the gas flow and pressure drop on the measurement points in the network are calculated. These data are compared with the real-time data in the database to monitor the operation status of entire network. When the production plans are changed, the schedule instruction are input to simulation calculation module. By analysing the operation status of entire network, after forecast instructions are issued, to adjust the forecast scheduling instructions.
Authors: Guo Huan Lou, Hai Li Yin, Shu Jie Li
Abstract: With the frequency converter for driving belt conveyor, the synchronous control of torque and speed for the belt-drive unit can be achieved and the start-up characteristics of belt conveyor can also be improved. This paper uses two methods for achieving synchronous drive of belt conveyor, one is synchronization through master-slave control of frequency converter itself, the second is adding external algorithm implemented by PLC systems. This article describes a variable-frequency adjustable-speed drive system used for long distance belt conveyor in mine main inclined shaft or ground. This frequency conversion device and system can be applied to the adjustable-speed drive process of constant torque load for conveyor.
Authors: Yan Chen
Abstract: Composite dispatching rules are of great importance in solving realistic scheduling problems because they are fast and easy to implement. The successful implementation of composite dispatching rules depends on their scaling parameter values, while further the appropriate scaling parameter values are determined by specific problem instance features, i.e. job machine factors. In this paper, a Face-centered Cube experimental design is proposed to study the impact of job machine factors on scaling parameter values when Apparent Tardiness Cost with Setups (ATCS) rule is used to schedule Pm|sjk|ΣwjTj problem. The dynamics between the job machine factors and the good scaling parameter values are revealed by experimental results.
Authors: Anton Panda, Ján Duplák, Jozef Jurko, Marcel Behún
Abstract: Very important cutting tool property is its durability. Durability of cutting tool defines lifetime of this cutting tool and it determines its suitability for select technological operation. Technical science defines a lot of different factors, that they may be cause of shorter cutting tool lifetime. For increase cutting tool durability is necessary maximally possible elimination of these factors. Determination of cutting tool durability is very important, because provides comprehensive information how to determine appropriate technological conditions for selected cutting tool. In engineering is for determination of cutting tools durability used T-vc dependence. The article describes process how to create durability dependence for cutting tools made of sintered carbide by means of T-vc dependence in machining process of steel 100CrMn6.
Authors: Hai Feng Zhang, Peng Xin Li, Li Qun He
Abstract: Two Models for Estimating the Effective Thermal Conductivity (kE) of Multi-Phase Materials Are Comparatively Investigated. the First Model Is the Effective Medium Approximation (EMA), which Is Based on the Extension of the Percolation Theory. the Second Is the Randomly Mixed Model (RMM), a Numerical Method in which All Components Are Seen as Cubech_cubecucube in Shape and Are Randomly Dispersed inside the Space. Two Models Can Be Directly Applied to Multi-Phase Media without Empirical Parameters. Compared with Experimental Data of Food Materials in the Literature, Two Models both Give Good Estimations of the Temperature-Dependent KE.
Authors: Yun Liang Yu, Ye Bai, Jian Qiang Wang, Wen Qing Li
Abstract: The mutation and form of logging curve can be represented by the variation of modulus maxima coefficients of wavelet transform within different scales exactly, then we can use wavelet multiscale edge detection theory to analyze characteristics of sequence stratigraphy boundaries in logging curves. Obtain the modulus maximum of approximation coefficient matrix and detail coefficient matrix after decompositing GR and SP curve in every scales.Compare and amend the modulus maximum of approximation coefficient matrix and detail coefficient matrix reciprocally, applicate the Mallat alternation foldover algorithm to reconstruction logging curve eventually ,we can get the fusion curves in different scales. The fusion curves can greatly enhance characteristics of sequence stratigraphy boundaries in logging curves.
Authors: Li Sui, Jing Hua Zhang, Jian Feng Liu, Geng Chen Shi
Abstract: First of all, this paper analyzes the piezoresistive accelerometers’ research achievements at home and abroad. Then, design, manufacturing and testing method of the accelerometer array is presented. According to the detection requirements of fuze’s environmental forces, this paper provides an array accelerometers structure. In this way, each independent chip has 2*2 accelerometers, and every two accelerometers have the same structure sizes. So, the accelerometer array has two different measurement ranges. In order to reduce the influence of cross sensitivity, the accelerometer uses criss-cross beams. Every single accelerometer comprises sensing unit, signal processing circuit and self-test unit. According to the characteristics of processing plant, an entire series of independent processes for micro-mechanical piezoresistive fabrication is designed, and also given the layouts. The accelerometer is fabricated and its sensitivity and self-test performances are tested in this paper, finally this paper gives the reasons which cause test errors.

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