6-Gingerol Function against Fatigue


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6-Gingerol was extracted and isolated from fresh ginger (Zingiber officinale Roscoe) to determine its effect on anti-fatigue. The loading forced swimming time, glycogen content in liver and muscle, lactic acid in blood and the content of urea nitrogen in serum were determined from the mice treated orally with 0.30 mg/kg of 6-gingerol for 6 weeks. The results show that the mice swimming time treated orally with 6-gingerol was prolonged two-fold longer than that treated with distill water and the glycogen content in liver and muscle and the recovery rate of lactic acid in bloodare increased (P<0.05). And 6-gingerol also significantly decreased the urea nitrogen in serum after swimming (P<0.05). It concludes that 6-gingerol exhibits fatigue resistance. The anti-fatigue mechanism of 6-gingerol is the results from increasing the glycogen storage in muscle and liver, which enhance the aerobic metabolic ability in strenuous muscle activities, accelerate the elimination of fatigue and enhance the adaptation to load exercise.



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Honghua Tan






X. S. Huang and N. Peng, "6-Gingerol Function against Fatigue", Advanced Materials Research, Vol. 340, pp. 254-258, 2012

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September 2011




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