Mechanical Properties of Materials and Information Technology

Volume 340

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Yan Zhou, Ai Mei Yang, Li Yuan Bai, Yu Xun Liu

Abstract: This article introduces a system of online real-time temperature inspecting, diagnose and alarm of the electric cable interface, which is...

Authors: Bo Jian Wang, Wei Ke Sun, Yong Jie Wang

Abstract: This article studied the rolling process of metal card wire, and established the spread formula of flat wire to special-shaped steel wire by...

Authors: Bo Jian Wang, Wu Peng Zhang, Yong Jie Wang

Abstract: Based on the deformation features in the rolling process of shaped wires, this paper focuses on the metal flow rules and distribution...

Authors: Si Wei Huang, Ang Zhang, Xiao Lin Tian, Yan Kui Sun

Abstract: An edge detection algorithm which is applied to anterior chamber OCT images has been proposed. The algorithm firstly uses multi-structure...

Authors: Zhen Jie Liu, Yu Long Lei, Yong Jun Li

Abstract: In order to satisfy the requirements of the high reliability of electric control unit (ECU) of the Diesel Engine, the thermal analysis of...

Authors: Ke Ya Mao, Fei Hu Zhou, Fu Zhai Cui, Jiang Tao Li, Zi Shen Cheng, Peng Li, Zheng Wang, Ke Zheng Mao, Yan Wang

Abstract: In this paper, the combined artificial bone made from α- calcium sulphate hemihydrate(α-CSH) and β- tricalcium phosphate (β-TCP) was...

Authors: Lin Liu, Yun Qing Zhu, Jing Song, Si Chen

Abstract: Multi-walled carbon nanotubes (MWCNTs) are incorporated into Polyimide (PI) film in both pristine and functionalized forms through in-situ...

Authors: Yi Ding Zhao, Ming Feng Sun

Abstract: In this paper, an image processing and recognition system of the coal and gangue has been studied, which is made up by the chip DM6437 and...

Authors: Niu Jun Hao, Cong Hu, Yin Xian Hua, Zhang Jing Yu

Abstract: Simulation signal source is applied to simulate sonar target signals in performance testing and guarantee maintenance of the torpedo. In...

Authors: Niu Jun Hao, Zhang Jing Yu, Cong Hu, Yin Xian Hua

Abstract: In this paper, a designing method of USB-GPIB controller is introduced in detail, the hardware structure and principle are expounded. By...


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