Mechanical Properties of Materials and Information Technology

Volume 340

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Jian Guo Yu, Mei Lin Feng, Peng Peng Huang, De Chang Xu

Abstract: For the development about Manufacturing Execution System of mould making, the difficulty in manufacturing execution management is pointed...

Authors: Bo Xue Chang, Yi Chen, Jing Yue Huang

Abstract: The remote sensing monitoring system, which uses GIS technique, is mainly discussed in this paper. It takes SuperMap Objects as development...

Authors: Wei Xin Ling, Jing Min Gao, Chun Yun Li

Abstract: This paper describes error compensation using least square method in wireless communications networks. The received data use the Gaussian...

Authors: Qiang Feng, Shi Rong Xiao

Abstract: Non-linear finite element analysis is given for the neonatal landslide——Qianjiangping Landslide which happened after the first sluice in...

Authors: Wen Chang Lang

Abstract: Based on the different movement characteristics of macro-particles, ions and electrons in the plasma transmission, this paper developed a...

Authors: You Long Gao, Guang Li Xu, Jun Yi Zhang, Qi Lang Le

Abstract: Because of the temperature effect of the distributed strain observation, it is not easy to analyze the real strain in tested data....

Authors: Xue Qun Yan

Abstract: This paper investigate the partial entropy changes of the field and the atom in a system of an atom interacting with a single quantized...

Authors: Peksinski Jakub, Mikolajczak Grzegorz

Abstract: The paper presents interference estimation method involving search for “flat” area, on the basis of image analysis taking into account...

Authors: Peksinski Jakub, Mikolajczak Grzegorz

Abstract: In the article the authors present an algorithm to recognize the human voice, whose operation is based on the analysis of spectra using a...

Authors: Shu Zhen Li, De Rong Jiang

Abstract: Alert degree refers to human in perform the task duration time to maintain the level of attention or vigilance. At present, the EEG is the...


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