Mechanical Properties of Materials and Information Technology

Volume 340

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Xiao Sheng Li, Wei Lin, Feng Lan Xin, Yuan Yuan, Chang Sheng Liu, Cheng Long Da

Abstract: A novel Ca/P-containing mesoporous silica-based xerogels (CaMSX) with good degradability and low heat generation were synthesized for...

Authors: Jian Feng Ma, Jian Ming Yu, Bing Ying Cui, Ding Long Li, Juan Dai

Abstract: A novel material, zero valent iron composited organobentonite (NZVI-OB), was synthesized to adsorb dye from wastewater and to degrade the...

Authors: Jian Feng Ma, Jian Ming Yu, Bing Ying Cui, Ding Long Li, Juan Dai

Abstract: Inorganic-organic-bentonite was synthesized by modification of bentonite by Hydroxy-iron and surfactant, which could be applied in dye...

Authors: Ya Bo Yan, Jun Wang, Wei Qi, Yang Zhang, Wei Lei

Abstract: To study whether the architectural parameters are sensitive to the shape of volume of interests in micro-CT scanning, six human C5 body...

Authors: Xue Song Huang, Ning Peng

Abstract: Effects of isolated soybean protein (ISP) and ascorbic acid on volatiles formed from fructose solution were investigated by selected ion...

Authors: Xue Song Huang, Ning Peng

Abstract: 6-Gingerol was extracted and isolated from fresh ginger (Zingiber officinale Roscoe) to determine its effect on anti-fatigue. The loading...

Authors: Long Ke Ran, Ling He, Zhong Chen

Abstract: In the research of Automatic bone age assessment,the most efficient location and successful extraction of regions of interest(ROI) from hand...

Authors: Hai Yan Fang, Guo Ping Zhang, Feng Gao, Xiao Ping Zhao, Peng Shen, Shu Fang Wang

Abstract: A growing number of literatures appealed the necessity to develop methods of data processing for peptidome profiling and analysis. Although...

Authors: Hai Yan Fang, Yin Liu, Shu Fang Wang

Abstract: In this study, a high performance liquid chromatography coupled with electrospray ionization mass spectrometry (HPLC-ESI-MS) method for the...

Authors: Wen Yi Zhang, Fang Yuan Tan, Ting Ting Zhao, Li Qiao Lu, Ning Han

Abstract: Two strains of T1, Z1 ammonibacterium were isolated from the biofilm of the BAF reactor. According to the morphologic observation and...


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