Mechanical Properties of Materials and Information Technology

Volume 340

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Wen Yi Zhang, Rong Chen, Xin Luo, Qiu Yan Li, Ning Han

Abstract: The paper aims to find out an economic and effective treatment for the silicon steel wastewater. According to the Fenton reaction principle,...

Authors: Wen Yi Zhang, Ning Han, Li Rong Yao, Pei Cheng Fan, Rong Chen

Abstract: The nano-SiO2/TiO2 complex film was used to implement modification of the surface on the sintered filter material of...

Authors: Wen Yi Zhang, Qiu Yan Li, Ning Han, Xue Zhen Chen, Xiao Liang Chen

Abstract: A microcystin-degrading strain named as T1 was isolated from Taihu Lake sediment. Based on the morphological observations,...

Authors: Wen Yi Zhang, Rong Chen, Li Qiao Lu, Xia Xu, Suo Hua Wu

Abstract: To improve the yield of the Pseudomonas strain N1 in the fermentation culture medium screened from the biofilm of BAF reactor, the optimal...

Authors: Wen Yi Zhang, Ning Han, Gang Yan, Xia Xu, Xiao Liang Chen

Abstract: Using NaCl modified zeolite with high specific surface area as filter media, algae-contained micropolluted water was treated with biological...

Authors: Wen Yi Zhang, Ning Han, Li Rong Yao, Xiao Lan Qiu, Xiao Liang Chen

Abstract: The MC-LR from the the blue-green algae of Taihu Lake was extracted, at the same time, a set of microcystins extraction method with methanol...

Authors: Bin Wang, Tao Yang

Abstract: To improve the efficiency of empty container repositioning for a shipping company, a stochastic optimization model of empty container...

Authors: Hai Tao Yin, Xiao Jie Liu, Wei Long Wan, Cheng Bao Yao, Li Na Bai, Hua Li, Yong Qi Yin

Abstract: We studied transport properties through a noninteracting quantum dots array with a side quantum dot employing the equation of motion method...

Authors: Guo Lei

Abstract: The aim of this study was to evaluate whether the positive effect of GH002 on high-density lipoprotein (HDL) cholesterol in vitro and...

Authors: Guo Lei, Wen Cheng Zhu, Chao Liu

Abstract: The objectives of this study were to optimize fermentation conditons of anti-tumor active metabolites from marine penicillium sp....


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