Synthesis and Characterization of Bioactive Sol – Gel Glass: A Preliminary Study


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Bioactive glasses based on SiO2-CaO-P2O5 system have been synthesized by sol – gel process. The powder glass obtained has been characterized by X-ray diffraction, X-ray fluorescence spectroscopy (XRF), and Fourier transform-infrared spectroscopy (FTIR). In vitro study reveals formation of apatite layer at surface of powder glass, after 3 days of soaking in simulated body fluid.



Advanced Materials Research (Volumes 341-342)

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Liu Guiping




D. N. Ungureanu et al., "Synthesis and Characterization of Bioactive Sol – Gel Glass: A Preliminary Study", Advanced Materials Research, Vols. 341-342, pp. 21-25, 2012

Online since:

September 2011




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