Investigation of Liquid Nitrogen (LN2) as Coolant in Grinding of AISI D3 Steel


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In order to find the alternative to conventional oil based coolants on the basis of environmental aspects, the present work investigates the effectiveness of Liquid N2 as eco friendly coolant in the grinding of AISI D3 steel with Aluminum oxide (Al2O3 ) as grinding wheel. The experiment was examined in terms of surface roughness, grinding forces, grinding zone temperature, and material removal rate (MRR) in the Grinding of AISI D3 steel under various grinding conditions. The performances of liquid nitrogen cooling were compared with the conventional oil cooling and found that 30-32% reduction in the surface roughness, 30-34 % reduction in the grinding zone temperature, and about 8 % reduction in grinding forces were observed. It was also found that even at higher MRR, better surface quality obtained. In this study, it is clearly revealed that reduction in the grinding temperature leads to improvements in the grindability and cryogenic cooling by liquid N2 as better coolant in the grinding of AISI D3 steel.



Advanced Materials Research (Volumes 341-342)

Edited by:

Liu Guiping






G. Manimaran and M. Pradeep Kumar, "Investigation of Liquid Nitrogen (LN2) as Coolant in Grinding of AISI D3 Steel", Advanced Materials Research, Vols. 341-342, pp. 400-405, 2012

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September 2011




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