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Authors: Bao Sheng Zhao, Ying Tao Zhao, Yang Gao
Abstract:Gregory’s decomposed theorem of isotropic plate is extended to investigate torsional circular shaft for two-dimensional dodecagonal...
Authors: I Fan Lin, Chung Fu Chang, Dong Po Wang
Abstract:Contactless electroreflectance(CER)spectra of c-plane ZnO bulk have been measured from 20 to 300 K. Photoreflectance(PR)spectrum of ZnO bulk...
Authors: Prachya Peasura, Mongkol Chaisri
Abstract:The experimental observation reveals that the influence of gas metal arc welding process on physical properties. The specimen was carbon...
Authors: Mongkol Chaisri, Prachya Peasura
Abstract:The research was study the effect of gas metal arc welding process parameters on mechanical property. The specimen was carbon steel ASTM A285...
Authors: Dan Nicolae Ungureanu, Nicolae Angelescu, Adrian Catangiu, Elena Valentina Stoian, Cristiana Zizi Rizescu, Daniela Avram
Abstract:Bioactive glasses based on SiO2-CaO-P2O5 system have been synthesized by sol – gel process. The powder glass...
Authors: Che Mohd Ruzaidi Ghazali, H. Kamarudin, J. B. Shamsul, M. M. A. Abdullah, A.R. Rafiza
Abstract:Brake pads are important safety devices in vehicles. An effort to avoid the use of asbestos in brake pads has led to the development of...
Authors: Rui Zhi Wu, Da Yong Li, Xu He Liu, Mi Lin Zhang
Abstract:An Mg-Li-Al-Zn-Sn alloy was prepared by vacuum melting. The actual content of the elements in the alloy was determined using inductively...
Authors: Xiang Hong Li, Jian Lin Liu, Bin Zhen Zhang, Xiang Jiao Meng, Chang Hong Ji
Abstract:This paper reports the design of a tunable radio-frequency (RF) inductor and analyses the parameters that influence the quality factor (Q) of...
Authors: Shui Lian Chi, Ming Chen, Song Lin Peng
Abstract:Density functional theory (DFT) calculations are performed to investigate CO bonded on the AunS (n=1~6) bimetallic clusters. It is...
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