Effects of Nutritional Factors on Production of Bacterial Bioactive Metabolites against Aflatoxin Biosynthesis


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Bacillus subtilis is potential to play an important role on biological control of aflatoxin-producing fungi. The liquid fermentation medium of Bacillus subtilis LN for production of bioactive metabolites inhibitory to mycelial growth and aflatoxin biosynthesis was optimized by single factor experiments. The results showed that optimum carbon source was glucose, the optimum nitrogen source was soy peptone, and the optimum inorganic salt was MgSO4. These screened optimal carbon, nitrogen and inorganic salt sources could be used for high yield fermentation of bioactive metabolites for developing biopesticide against aflatoxin contamination in foods.



Advanced Materials Research (Volumes 343-344)

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David Wang




Z. Wang et al., "Effects of Nutritional Factors on Production of Bacterial Bioactive Metabolites against Aflatoxin Biosynthesis", Advanced Materials Research, Vols. 343-344, pp. 564-567, 2012

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September 2011




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