QSAR Studies on some of Dichloroacetyl Oxazolidine Herbicide Safeners


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In order to find activity of herbicide safener, The MM+ and Polak-Ribiere algorithm were employed to calculate the properties of dichloroacetyl oxazolidine compounds. The QSAR equation of this series compounds was obtained by using (Least-Squares Regression) PLS regression. The results showed that log p and dipole moment played a major role, variable surface area (aprox), hydration energy, refractivity and polarizability played a secondary role. The equation building of this series compounds can not only forecast the activity of new compound, but also lead design of higher activity herbicide safener.



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J.L. Zhong






H. J. Zhao and F. Ye, "QSAR Studies on some of Dichloroacetyl Oxazolidine Herbicide Safeners", Advanced Materials Research, Vol. 345, pp. 316-319, 2012

Online since:

September 2011





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