Smart Materials and Nanotechnology in Engineering

Volume 345

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Si Jun Yue, Shi Ru Jia, Jin Yao, Yu Jie Dai

Abstract: .In this study, the nutrient components of the wild and the liquid suspension cultured Nostoc flagelliforme were determined and compared by...

Authors: Si Jun Yue, Shi Ru Jia, Yu Jie Dai, Wei Guo, Jing Wen Wang, Feng Feng Xue

Abstract: .The process for the desaltation of the polysaccharide from the mixotrophic liquid culture of Nostoc flagelliforme with radial flow...

Authors: Huoan Liu, Shuang Kou Chen

Abstract: In this manuscript, we systematically investigated the effect of hypochlorous acid on adhesion of biofouling marine bacteria and diatom...

Authors: Chun Yu Gong, Qing Xiu Hu, Ye Mei Ji

Abstract: .Four kinds of water-soluble polysaccharides A1(from fruit body), A2(from mycelia), PA(purification polysaccharide extracted from fruit...

Authors: Chun Jing Zhang, Hai Tao Yu

Abstract: Baicalin has better anti-inflammatory function, antioxidant function and antiviral activity, but the mechanism of the antiinfluenza viral...

Authors: Peng He, Na Wang, Cheng Lin Wang

Abstract: An improved corner detection algorithm for medical image based on USAN is proposed in this paper. The algorithm firstly defines the concept...

Authors: Peng He, Lian Peng Wang, Na Wang, Gang Xu

Abstract: In order to better solve the problem of detection of small bone spurs with convenient and accurate way, a portable spur detection system is...

Authors: Peng He, Zhen Zhou, Lian Peng Wang, Na Wang

Abstract: Light scattering approach and optical measuring instrument are the most popular system in the protein aggregation detection, especially in...

Authors: Wen Ya Fan, Hun Yu Gong, Yin Hong Qu, Yu Ping Miao, Zhi Dong Liu

Abstract: Immunomodulating properties of the peptides derived from whey protein isolates (WPI) were evaluated by measuring their effects on the...

Authors: Nai Bo Zhang, Chen Guang Xue

Abstract: Analyzed the evaluation of microbial enhanced oil recovery quality based on the Fuzzy AHP. Obtained the relative importance weight vector...


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