Sustainable Construction Materials and Computer Engineering

Volume 346

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Bin Feng, Xue Song Mei, Liang Guo, Dong Sheng Zhang, You Long Cheng

Abstract: The positional accuracy and machining precision are mainly affected by backlash for semi-closed loop control CNC machine tool. And...

Authors: Guang Yan Xu, Xiao Yan Jia, Hong Shi, Jian Guo Cui

Abstract: In this paper, we discussed the trajectory tracking control problem of the kinematic model of wheel mobile robot. Designed an asymptotic...

Authors: Bin Yang, Yuan Wang, Wen Bo He

Abstract: This paper briefly presents the working principle of micro-PIV (Particle Imaging Velocimetry) and its development and application on the...

Authors: Bin Yang, Yuan Wang, Yang Zhang

Abstract: This paper describes the way to obtained the transverse motion trajectories of aeolian saltation sand by high-speed digital camera. With the...

Authors: Hai Ying Song, Xue Peng He, Shi Bing Liu, Tao Chen

Abstract: A simultaneous phase shift interferometry was proposed to determine the time delay accurately in the pulse laser pump-probe detecting. The...

Authors: Li Lin

Abstract: Our study has conducted an inquiry ,based on the " The Structure scale for Job performance of Chinese professional coaches" and "Job...

Authors: Jin Wu Wu, Fei Tan

Abstract: A new sensing strategy based on acoustic radiation modes for active structural acoustic control approach is proposed for the minimization of...

Authors: Zhi Gang Hu, Li Ping Chen, Yong Lin Zhang, Shao Yun Song, Wei Feng Guo

Abstract: By using time domain modeling obtained from PSD for stationary random road irregularities, concerning about non-uniform moving-vehicle...

Authors: Jian Li Li, Jian Cheng Fang, Mai Ying Zhong, Bai Qi Liu

Abstract: The gyro drift is a crucial factor for initial orientation error and measurement error of SIMS (Strapdown Inertial Measurement System)....

Authors: Zhang Jian Qin, Liang Quan Ge, Qi Fan Wu, Jian Ping Cheng

Abstract: Spectral drift of any origin consisting of detectors and nuclear electronics affects the long-term stability in a gamma-ray spectrometer,...


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