Sustainable Construction Materials and Computer Engineering

Volume 346

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Li Xia Meng, Fu Chun Sun, Hua Ping Liu, Tao Chu

Abstract: A navigation method is presented for intelligent vehicle based on fusion of double laser radar. Given laser radar model and road curb model,...

Authors: Liang Zheng, Zhi Hua Ying, Wei Peng Kong, Feng Sun, Wei Wei Hu, Jun Ming Xu, Hui Bin Qin

Abstract: A dynamic magnetic measurement system for soft magnetic material based on virtual instrument technology is presented. High frequency AC...

Authors: Yin Luo, Yue Tang, Shou Qi Yuan, Hui Wang

Abstract: A system based on virtual instrument was set up to test and analyze the pressure pulsation in centrifugal pump. It had adjustable sampling...

Authors: Jin Feng Yang, Man Hua Liu, Hui Zhao, Wei Tao

Abstract: This paper presents an efficient method to detect the fastener based on the technologies of image processing and optical detection. As...

Authors: Hai Bo Zhang, Jin Feng Yang, Hui Zhao, Man Hua Liu, Wei Tao

Abstract: The demand for the high-speed fastener inspection technology has increased greatly as the train speed is growing up. A low-cost high-speed...

Authors: Xin Qi

Abstract: The macroporous adsorption resin synthesized in this experiment uses cullulose as monomer, adipoyl dichlorid as crosslinker, and cyclohexane...

Authors: Xin Yan Tang

Abstract: Based on Muskhelishvili’s theoretical expressions of the Saint-Venant’s problem, using the combination of Crack3D code and Ansys software, a...

Authors: Jun Tang

Abstract: On the basis of explaining the basis theory on transient electromagnetic sounding, wavelet theory and imaging principle of differential...

Authors: Yu E Yang, Cun Fu He, Bin Wu

Abstract: Microwaves penetrate inside of low loss dielectric materials and they are sensitive to the presence of internal interfaces and...

Authors: De Ren Kong

Abstract: The serious static-dynamic discrepancy will be caused when the copper cylinders statically calibrated are used to measure the dynamic...


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