Sustainable Construction Materials and Computer Engineering

Volume 346

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Hai Huang, Kai Zhuo Lei, Jian Guo Huang, Ling Ling Zhang, Jian Kang Qu

Abstract: Underwater plasma acoustic source has many advantages and wide applications, but its properties are greatly affected by the trigger switch....

Authors: Ya Xun Yang

Abstract: According to the structure and construction features of prestressed concrete continuous rigid frame bridge, with reference to the principle...

Authors: Ling Hua Wang, Ying Wu, Pan Hua Ning, Chao Gan

Abstract: The performance parameters of time-average basic performance equation of pulsed liquid jet pump are studied innumerical methods. Optimal...

Authors: Ting Feng Ming, Xiao Hai Zhang

Abstract: Holospectrum is the spectrum analysis technique which synthesizes the information of the phase, amplitude and frequency. Firstly, the...

Authors: Qi Cao, Xi Ping Feng, Jie Li, Tao Dong

Abstract: According to the performance detecting requirements in development and manufacture of solid rocket motor, a test platform had been set up...

Authors: Xiao Qin Li, Zhi Xiong Lu, Lan Ying Zhao, Zheng Hao Li, Bing Guo, Xue Feng Bai

Abstract: This article did some non-contact measurement by laser triangulation principle on the A level hard road roughness, based on CCD imaging...

Authors: Xin Li, Guang Ming Xiong, Yang Sun, Shao Bin Wu, Jian Wei Gong, Hui Yan Chen, Li Gao

Abstract: The test system for technical abilities of unmanned vehicles is gradually developed from the single test to comprehensive test. The...

Authors: Yun Xu Shi

Abstract: The water level in refrigerator must be controlled accurately in order to adjust the refrigerator’s temperature, namely, a flow sensor needs...

Authors: Zheng Dong Zeng, Chang Ku Sun, Yi Zhong Zheng, Ming Dong Yan, Seng Keong Ng

Abstract: The high precise measurement for magnification of optical system of microscope has been demonstrated by using special barcode design and...

Authors: Peng Wang, Yi Qun Du

Abstract: Suspension system of a co-vibrating vector hydrophone need be designed carefully to reach the requirement of underwater acoustic...


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