Sustainable Construction Materials and Computer Engineering

Volume 346

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Pei Qiang, Ping Guan, Jing Tian, Er Liang Chen

Abstract: Engineering characteristics of ground motion can be defined by three factors that are respectively amplitude, frequency and duration. Any...

Authors: G. Alaimo, D. Enea, E. Nuccio

Abstract: Maintenance programming of civil and industrial buildings is a relevant problem, especially in a global situation where natural resources...

Authors: Cheng Ping Zhang, Li Min Li, Hao Ran Song, Ding Li Zhang

Abstract: There are more safety risks in subsea tunneling due to the particularity and complexity of its surroundings, so how to control the safety...

Authors: Xiao Yan Zhang, Ze Li, Liang Wu

Abstract: Dynamic finite element analysis for a RCC gravity dam is implemented by using response spectrum method in this paper. Firstly,...

Authors: Xiao Yong Li, Zhi Gang Zhang

Abstract: Project teams face ever increasing pressure to deliver projects as quickly as possible. To meet these demands, contractors are faced with...

Authors: Jin Jiang, Xiong Bo Zheng, Liang Zhang, Zhi Chuan Li, Li He

Abstract: The thesis improves a stream-tube method based on solidity modification and CFD method used to predict both steady and unsteady aerodynamic...

Authors: Xiao Liang Jia

Abstract: In connection with characteristics of complex product development, in order to solve problems of long product development cycle,...

Authors: Wei Wei, Bo Zou, Qing Dong Yan, Hui Yuan Li

Abstract: Based on theory of fluid-solid interaction (FSI), a three dimensional finite element computational model of blade wheel in a vehicular...

Authors: Kun Cai, Chao Zhang

Abstract: A new design scheme of an emersed hydropower arch gate is presented based on topology optimization method. Three main components of the...

Authors: Guo Yue Liu, Zhong Ning Guo, Yuan Bo Li, G Wang, Z.G. Huang

Abstract: The amplitude transformer is one of the most important parts in ultrasonic work system. To amplitude transformer, the resonant frequency and...


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