Sustainable Construction Materials and Computer Engineering

Volume 346

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Fang Fang Song, Xiao Qi He, Yun Fei En

Abstract: Vibration capability and reliability is necessarily to be considered for electronic components design. In this paper, the vibration...

Authors: Yan Min Xie, Xiao Mei Xu

Abstract: Design and analysis of computer experiments have been widely investigated. This study presents numerical procedure to optimize the sheet...

Authors: Ning Li, Wei Zeng Chen

Abstract: The amorphous formation mechanism was studied from the viewpoint of the crystallography. The experimental results showed that the...

Authors: Ying Gao, Jin Hui Zhang, Wei Jun Ji, Shu Xia Guo

Abstract: According to situation of the digital oil depot building and the needs of the current fuel guaranteeing, it makes use of virtual reality...

Authors: Xian Hui Wang, Jun Tao Zou, Bo Wang, Shu Hua Liang

Abstract: In order to clarify the effect of rare earth Ce on the microstructure and properties of WCu contact materials, different contents of Ce were...

Authors: Jun Ru Liu, Peng Xiao, Xian Hui Wang, Shu Hua Liang, Han Yang Liu

Abstract: In order to get a deep understanding of the effect of internal electrical field on the electrical breakdown properties of contact materials,...

Authors: Peng Xiao, Jun Ru Liu, Xian Hui Wang, Shu Hua Liang, Han Yang Liu

Abstract: The CuWCr composites were respectively fabricated by the mixture of W and Cr and WCr alloyed powders, followed by sintering and...

Authors: Yu Liang Liu, Juan Yi Liu, Guo Ping Liu

Abstract: Chaos behavior has many advantages in motor systems such as improving mixing efficiency and it involves with one kind of problem called...

Authors: Jun Jun Yang, Jia Chuan Shi, Wen Zhang, Li Ping Liang, Pei Jian Zhao

Abstract: Based on the analysis of the rolling process in iron and steel enterprises, an optimal load distribution model is established for rolling...

Authors: Fu Qiang Zhao, Tie Wang, Rui Liang Zhang, Yu Juan Li, Jun Shen

Abstract: A variable-grain strategy is proposed to solve the complicated problem of optimization design on high-speed transmission helical gears with...


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