Sustainable Construction Materials and Computer Engineering

Volume 346

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Shu Bo Xu, Yang Xi, Cai Nian Jing, Ke Ke Sun

Abstract: The use of finite element theory and modal analysis theory, the structure of the machine static and dynamic performance analysis and...

Authors: Su Rong Dong, Guo Guang Chen

Abstract: The major defects in ammunition production and the production process of liner are discussed. The propagation mechanism of detonation wave...

Authors: Qiu Lei Du, Xian Chun Cheng

Abstract: Shaping design of battery car in the golf is a comprehensive design, which involves many fields such as engineering technology, art shaping,...

Authors: Xiang Tong Yan

Abstract: According to the analysis of CAD technology and Solid Works software, the design idea and methodology of 3D modeling and parameterized...

Authors: Qiang Zhang, Qiu Shuang Song, Jun Mao

Abstract: Oil-coal-water slurry as a new alternative fuel was used on diesel engines. The Multi- medium oil -coal-water slurry pump wears serious...

Authors: Wu Zhao, Dan Huang

Abstract: The sustained rolling mill vibration on high-speed cold rolling mill or smooth mill could cause that periodicity sheet thickness difference...

Authors: Shen Shen Gu

Abstract: In the field of modern manufacturing, flexible manufacturing systems (FMS) is very important because it can scheduleand optimize...

Authors: Shu Qiang Yu, Xu Dong Cheng, Peng Ju Qin

Abstract: In the process of tunnel excavation, due to the complexity of geological and geomorphic conditions etc, in the given tunnel heading shape...

Authors: Zong Quan Deng, Yang Zhang, Hai Lin Huang, Bing Li

Abstract: Deployable mast has a wide range of applications in aerospace industry. As lower weight of deployable mast can greatly save the cost of...

Authors: Liang Zhang, Hai Tao Wu, Xiao Rong Ye, Feng Mei Jing

Abstract: Floating wind turbine is drawn great attention for deepwater wind energy, and some concepts have been proposed. Dynamic response is of great...


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