Sustainable Construction Materials and Computer Engineering

Volume 346

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Zhi Jing Zhang, Shao Hua Zhang, Jian Cheng Zhang, Xin Jin, Bing Bing Liu

Abstract: This paper presents a method for the battlefield manufacturing to make the NC codes programming easier and quicker for knowing...

Authors: Jian Hua Zhang, Shou Shan Jiang

Abstract: The Dynamics Analysis & Simulation of the Rocket Sled were done based on Multibody System Dynamics and Finite Element Analysis Theory....

Authors: Dong Kai Shen, Zhao Bin Yan

Abstract: To complex system, its performance is related to many disciplines nowadays. This article proposed a new multidisciplinary collaborative...

Authors: Yong Li, Guo Qiang Wang, Zhen Hua Yan

Abstract: To achieve the rational shape and structure of large or super-large track segment, this paper investigated the optimal material distribution...

Authors: Jun De Si, Guo Qiang Wang, Ying Shuang Zhang, Wan Jun Hao

Abstract: This paper is devoted to study of the helmets which can provide protection for the operator against head injury during an rollover accident....

Authors: Zhe Zhang, Ying Chao Zhang, Jie Li, Jia Wang

Abstract: With the development of automotive technology and high-speed highway construction, the speed of the vehicles increase which cause the...

Authors: Ying Shuang Zhang, Guo Qiang Wang, Ji Xin Wang

Abstract: To realize the structural light weighting design of the transmission components of engineering vehicles on the basis of life in control,...

Authors: Xiao Juan Wang, Ze Zhang, Hai Tao Wang

Abstract: The application of fuzzy pattern recognition to ultrasonic detection for bonding quality of thin composite plate is studied. In this paper,...

Authors: Wu Zhao, Dan Huang

Abstract: A new mode of fault monitoring and controling methods on rotating speed fluctuation was proposed in this study. Torsional vibration model...

Authors: Xiao Yun Chen, Gui Lan Yu, Wei Wei Cao, Wen Tao Qiang

Abstract: In the present paper, a preliminary exploration which includes the theoretical analysis and experimental study on the wave propagation...


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