Sustainable Construction Materials and Computer Engineering

Volume 346

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Nuer Zhang, Yong Feng Ren, Sheng Kun Li

Abstract: Gave a test method of the dynamic characteristics about gyroscope. In the process of using Gyroscope, it will be affected by various...

Authors: Hong Wei Wang, Chen Jie Qi, Qiu Xin Wu, Qi Mu Surong, Zhen Hua Xing

Abstract: Study Algorithm of roll, pitch and yaw angular velocity for three-axis gyroscope. the gyro have only one sensitive quality, can sensitize...

Authors: Wen Lun Cao, Bei Chen, Yu Yao He

Abstract: The data acquisition and life prediction system of gas laser is designed in this paper. The ARM STM3210B module is used as the core of...

Authors: Shi Meng Li, Jun Wang, Lin Yang

Abstract: This paper introduced a new method of designing on the velocity measuring system of initiating explosive devices. We designed multiple...

Authors: Yue Tong, Zheng Rong Xia, Jian Guo Ma, Xiao Yong Lu

Abstract: The principles of measuring tiny deformation by scanning Fabry-Perot interferometer have been studied. The measuring method of piezoelectric...

Authors: Wei Guang Zhang, Jian Zhang

Abstract: A micro vibration, high sensitivity FBG demodulation system with close loop control is presented. By introducing a close loop control, the...

Authors: Chun Yue Cheng, Fang Li, C. B. Wu, W. He

Abstract: This paper presents the design for a corrugated conical-horn antenna working in WR06 frequency band and its application in emissivity...

Authors: Qing Chun Hu, Wen Jian Sha, Yan Hui Li, Yong Sheng Wang

Abstract: An explicit nonlinear analysis was implemented to calculate buckling load and stress distribution, based on the Abaqus/Explicit computer...

Authors: Qing Chun Hu, Li Ming Wang, Ming Zhen Tang, Yong Sheng Wang

Abstract: The influence of the heat loss of hot runner on the stability of mold injecting process was analyzed. Determine the lost power of heating...

Authors: Xiao Geng Jiang, Bei Ying Liu, Hui Yang

Abstract: Reverse positioning is a significant positioning method of rotary table, the positioning displacement error caused by clamping cannot be...


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