Construction of Solar PV Power Generation Remote Monitoring System in the Architecture of Internet of Things


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With the widening application of solar PV power generation, a way of solar utilization, the safe operation of PV power generation system is increasingly valued. To assure the operating safety and reliability of PV power plant, monitoring system has to be installed to identify and eliminate faults of the plant immediately. Solar remote monitoring system in the architecture of internet of things (IoT) is comprised of sensing layer, information transmission layer and application layer. The sensing layer consists of sensors for monitoring environment, PV module and inverter; the information transmission layer consists of ZigBee access unit, access network, WEB server and Internet; and the application layer consists of IoT application fault diagnosis module. The remote monitoring system provides scientific decision-making reference to the safe operation and daily maintenance and management of PV power generation system through data acquisition, fusion, analysis and evaluation.



Advanced Materials Research (Volumes 347-353)

Edited by:

Weiguo Pan, Jianxing Ren and Yongguang Li




X. L. Xu and H. Wang, "Construction of Solar PV Power Generation Remote Monitoring System in the Architecture of Internet of Things", Advanced Materials Research, Vols. 347-353, pp. 178-182, 2012

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October 2011





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