Analysis 2.5-D Permutation Power Transmission Line to Decrease Electro-Magnetic Influence at High Technology Nano-Fab


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We present optimal permutation with 2.5-D power transmission lines system to reduce electro-magnetic influence at high technology nano-Fab. In this study, the magnetic field was lessened by mirror array power cable system, and simulation of results predicted the best permutations to decrease electromagnetic influence (EMI) value below 0.28 mG at working space without any shielding. Furthermore, this innovative method will cost down at high technology nano-Fab especially for 28 nanometer process.



Advanced Materials Research (Volumes 356-360)

Edited by:

Hexing Li, Qunjie Xu and Daquan Zhang






Y. L. Song et al., "Analysis 2.5-D Permutation Power Transmission Line to Decrease Electro-Magnetic Influence at High Technology Nano-Fab", Advanced Materials Research, Vols. 356-360, pp. 2711-2717, 2012

Online since:

October 2011




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