Progress in Environmental Science and Engineering

Volumes 356-360

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Li Hua Lv, Jing Cheng Ren, Tian Hu Sun, Jian Qing Dai

Abstract: we take mining water from Liang Zou group undergroud 200 m. and cltured in 9K medium, sodium thiosulfate medium, sulfur (S0)...

Authors: Jian Ming Li, Jing Gui Wu

Abstract: Elemental Analyzers and Infrared Spectrometer was used to study the effects of the different organic materials on the structure and...

Authors: Shun Hui Yu, Li Ping He, Jun Sheng Qi

Abstract: Qianjiangping landslide, which occurred in the Three Gorges Reservoir Area, is one of the serious landslide disasters in this area after...

Authors: Cong Yun Shi, Xing Zhong Liu, Da Xiao Xu, Zhi Gang Zhan

Abstract: Subscript textIn order to clarify the reaction mechanisms of the singlet monochlorocarbene radical (1 CHCl) with...

Authors: Jin You Shen, Chao Zhang, Xiu Yun Sun, Jian Sheng Li, Lian Jun Wang

Abstract: Recalcitrant and toxic organic pollutants such as aniline from numerous industrial wastewaters can not be efficiently removed using the...

Authors: Cong Yun Shi, Jiao Zhang, Xing Zhong Liu

Abstract: A detailed theoretical study was done in order to clarify the reaction mechanisms of the singlet dibromocarbene...

Authors: Yang Wu, Dong Hui Chen, Man Hong Huang

Abstract: This study was to investigate sorption behavior of selected antibiotics in soils. The pH effect on sorption was also studied. Results showed...

Authors: Hong Fei Yang, Jie Zhang, Jian Long Li

Abstract: The effects of Zn on chlorophyll content and scavenging system of activated oxygen in leaves of rape were evaluated by cultivation...

Authors: Zi Jun Xiao, Fang Fang Huo, Rui Qian Qi, Yun Ling Huang

Abstract: Abnormally discharged phenols work as toxic pollutants to living environments. In this work, the operation conditions of a newly isolated...


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