Pressure Transient Analysis of Polymer Injection Wells


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Polymer solution is known as non-Newtonian Fluid. Hence, when a well is injected by polymer solution, the well test data analysis using Newtonian fluid flow model will be erroneous. However, the analysis results usually were inaccurate when generalized non-Newtonian fluid model which considering polymer solution as power law fluid and taking no account of physical and chemical behaviors. These results clearly suggest the need for a study to come up with a new model considering both physical and chemical behaviors when polymer solution flowing in the reservoirs. At first, this study modified two parameter models: viscosity model and permeability decreasing coefficient model, all of them considering diffusion, conduction and IPV (inaccessible pore volume). Then, those models were applied to set up the new well testing model of a well located in an infinite reservoir. The log-log plots of the pressure and pressure derivatives have been prepared through numerical solutions. A further study has been done about the characteristics of the new type curves considering different parameters.



Advanced Materials Research (Volumes 361-363)

Edited by:

Qunjie Xu, Honghua Ge and Junxi Zhang






X. R. Nie and S. Q. Cheng, "Pressure Transient Analysis of Polymer Injection Wells", Advanced Materials Research, Vols. 361-363, pp. 370-376, 2012

Online since:

October 2011




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