Screening of Actinomycetes with High Producing Xylanase


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Xylanase has a wide range of potential biotechnological applications in pulp and bleaching processes, textile industries, food and bread making, fruit juice clarification and so on. In order to explore and utilize xylanases using actinomycetes, collected dozens of soil samples beneath decaying wood or leaf debris of different parts of China, 102 xylanase producing actinomycetes were isolated by plate screening with home-made corncob xylan as the sole carbon source. All strains degraded xylan and produced evident xylan hydrolyzed circles. 37 actinomycetes were selected by shake flask cultivation, and among them 7 stains with high producing xylanase were submerged fermentation again. Xylanase activities of 7 strains except L1904 (158U/ml) were all beyond 200U/ml and stable. L2001 as the most promising strain, xylanolytic activity of which was 815U/ml. The project set up foundation for the further study in the future.



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Barry Tan






Y. L. She et al., "Screening of Actinomycetes with High Producing Xylanase", Advanced Materials Research, Vol. 365, pp. 332-337, 2012

Online since:

October 2011




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