Future Materials Engineering and Industry Application

Volume 365

doi: 10.4028/www.scientific.net/AMR.365

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Authors: Bo Wang, Xiang Bin Meng

Abstract: Currently the landscape design of highway in China is a focus; besides the landscapes along highway, the selection on construction materials...

Authors: N. Hamani, Djamel Ouinas, N. Benderdouche, Mohamed Sahnoun

Abstract: In this study, an analysis of buckling was carried out on composite rectangular plates with and without circular notch by using the finite...

Authors: Juan Juan Song, Li Tu

Abstract: The comprehensive utilization of fly ash mainly concentrated is in construction engineering channels, road engineering, it used to deal with...

Authors: Xi Jun Liu, Bing Hu, Jin Xin An, Lei Xing

Abstract: The method which is based on industrial fieldbus of Modbus protocol for the surface plates flatness measurement and control system is...

Authors: Hai Na Sun, Rong Jun Cheng

Abstract: The meshless reproducing kernel particle method (RKPM) is used to find the numerical solution of a kind of hyperbolic equations. A...

Authors: Guo Tao Xie, X.Q. Bai, Hui Fan, Si Min Guo, Hao Xie

Abstract: In recent years, variety of environmentally friendly approaches has been studied for effectively controlling biofouling on marine...

Authors: N.K. Batra, Gian Bhushan, N.P. Mehta

Abstract: Sometimes the line of action of the load does not pass through the axis of a bearing and is shifted on either side by a few degrees. The...

Authors: De Quan Shi, Yang Shao, Gui Li Gao, Zhi Wei Gao, Xu Dong Wang

Abstract: By using the Olympus GX71 microscope, the effects of Al-5Ti-B addition, holding time and holding temperature on the microstructure of Al-5Cu...

Authors: Jin Shan Lin

Abstract: Traditional techniques are not suitable for exploring non-stationary and nonlinear signals. Although empirical mode decomposition (EMD) is a...

Authors: De Quan Shi, Gui Li Gao, Zhi Wei Gao, Yan Liu Wang, Xu Dong Wang

Abstract: The influence of Al-10RE addition, holding time and holding temperature on the microstructures and mechanical properties of ZL203 aluminum...


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