Future Materials Engineering and Industry Application

Volume 365

doi: 10.4028/www.scientific.net/AMR.365

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Authors: Xuan Bai, Xiao Min Hu, Ming Jun Shan, Da Wei Pan, Yan Qiu Wang, Yan Li Lv

Abstract: An energy saving processes was developed on the treatment of mature landfill leachate. The process adopted biochemical and physicochemical...

Authors: Ning Chen, Yong Feng Qin, Qing Yang Xu, Xi Xian Xie

Abstract: In this stuty, overexpression of the ilvBN gene, enconding acetohydroxy acid synthase (AHAS), in the valine-prouducing strain Brevibacterium...

Authors: Yao Wang Li, Bo Li

Abstract: Some radical scavenging peptides by ORAC method from different hydrolysates were used for the quantitative structure-activity relationships...

Authors: Ya Lin Ren, Yan Jun Cong, Cun She Chen

Abstract: A lot of peptides were synthesized on the basis of the sequence of αs1-casein. These tri-peptides with the characteristics of low toxicity...

Authors: Xin Xin Song, Xian Ming Zhao, Ya Nan Li, Xue Peng, Shu Hong Sun, Tong Chun Zhuang, Lin Yang

Abstract: Rice prolamin, constituting 10, 13 and 16 kDa polypeptides, is indigestible and may work as a kind of ‘resistant protein’. To investigate...

Authors: Kun Chen, Jun Xun Li, Xue Gang Luo, Xing Hua Liao, Jie Gao, Xia Min Hu, Nan Wang, Tong Cun Zhang

Abstract: Based on observations that lactic acid bacteria has proved to be beneficial in the treatment of viral-and antibiotic-associated diarrhea but...

Authors: Hua Zhang, Zhen Yu Wang, Zi Luan Fan, Xin Yang, Xue Wang, Ning Zhang

Abstract: This paper reports on a water-soluble acid polysaccharide (AAP) and in how it was extracted from Auricularia auricular, acquired by CTAB,...

Authors: Jian Wang, Li Chen, Fei Jiang, Jian Wen Xiong

Abstract: Photodynamic therapy is a kind of new method of treatment for leukemia. In this thesis, we use the quantum dots CdTe as photosensitive drugs...

Authors: Feng Lin, Cheng Yan, Wei Zheng, Wei Fan, Clayton Adam, Adekunle Oloyede

Abstract: Porous yttria-stabilized zirconia (YSZ) has been regarded as a potential candidate for bone substitute due to its high mechanical strength....

Authors: Mei Jing Kou, Da Cheng He, Pei Zhang, Jia Xu Chen, Shao Xian Wang, Xin Zhao, Ming Hua Bai, Xiao Ling Guo

Abstract: To select differentially expressed proteins in hippocampus of rats with pattern of Liver Qi stagnation and Spleen deficiency (LQSSD) induced...


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