Future Materials Engineering and Industry Application

Volume 365

doi: 10.4028/www.scientific.net/AMR.365

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Authors: Li Tang, Li Yu

Abstract: Recent studies have shown that Genistein can obviously suppress growth of gynecologic carcinoma. In this study we examined whether Genistein...

Authors: Gao Jun Sun, Zhi Yong Wang, Man Hua Chen

Abstract: Coumarins are important structural units of many natural product, and feature widely in pharmacologically and biologically active compounds....

Authors: Tian Ming Liu, Hui Hui Wang, Ke Wang, Hui Wang, Xiu Bao Zhao, Yu Qi Tang

Abstract: The enology characteristics were studied by three yeast strains of pure and mixed cultures of Saccharomyces cerevisiae QM, ZYFJQ and...

Authors: Yu Fei Dong, Jie Lu, Hui Jin, Rui Feng Yang, Teng Fei Yin

Abstract: Corn stalk was divided into fractions by morphological characters, and the enzymatic hydrolysis of these fractions was investigated....

Authors: Chun Chen, Qi Xing Zhou

Abstract: Polycyclic musks (PCMs) released into the environment have potential impacts on soil organisms such as earthworms. To better understand the...

Authors: Li Qing Li, Hong Zhong

Abstract: The process of solvent extraction was applied to separate and recover Cu2+ and Ni2+ from plating wastewater from...

Authors: Dong Xin Zhao, Li Ma, Kui Lu

Abstract: The self-assembly of L-Ile mediated by POCl3 were investigated by using ESI-MS. And the self-assembly oligopeptides of L-Ile...

Authors: Wen Jie Zhao, Liu Yang, Kui Lu

Abstract: With the assistance of phosphorus trichloride, L-Valine (L-Val) was assembled into homopeptides and homocyclopeptides which were analyzed by...

Authors: Ming Jun Shan, Yang Li, Wen Xia Peng, Hong Yu Liu, Xiang Qian Chen

Abstract: The large amount of nitrogen in the water environment had casued the serious deterioration of water environmental quality. Controlling the...

Authors: Ying Zhang, Ping Liu, Peng Fei Ma, Jun She Sun

Abstract: Nitrites are highly harmful compounds. They are extremely undesirable in surface and municipal water. The permissible content in natural...


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